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“My disciples were to, in a way –though it’s hard for English words to say it– be married to the Word of God. The Word had to take the place in their hearts that normally people try to fill with other people. It had to be as the children they wished they could have had. They had to care for the Words God gave them and teach it to others, using their finances and strength to pass it on. Their “Bible projects” were their “babies” to tend to. The Word of God was also to be their life-long companion and mate, their constant friend, their go-to for comfort and strength and what gave them good counsel and right advice.

“I didn’t want people to care about their physical relationships more than  passing on the Word of God –that was then being given like never before. Marrying and having relationships had been happening since the beginning of the world, but it wasn’t what was going to change things for the better if that is what held the highest loyalties in people’s life. It wasn’t good enough to just love someone, you and that person you loved needed to love God and His Word most of all.

“So, in putting first My ministry of preaching the glad tidings and telling people the ways of the Kingdom, I had to forsake the idea of having a personal little family unit to care for. It wouldn’t have worked for Me to be like a King that had all He wished for and just tell His servants to go out and spread the Good News. They needed an example to follow, and that’s what it cost Me—giving up marriage while on Earth.

“Besides, that family would have gone through so much and had many troubles at the hands of those who hated Me, that it would have been very hard to bear. I would instead bear the persecution and threats on My life without endangering the lives of personal family, if I would have had one. Of course, in saying that all who loved and listened to and received the Words I had to say and pass on from God where like family to Me, it also meant—and I knew it—that they would endure trouble, just as a personal family might have, by those angry with My message and who I was.

“It was very hard, so very hard for people to understand that in receiving Me, they were receiving God, and thus would find their way into His Kingdom. But God always expects faith, something that takes utter faith and trust in Him, something that makes no sense to a carnal human. You have to step out and reach beyond your carnal and worldly way of viewing things if you want to actually GO beyond—like you all here have done.”

SECRETS WITH JESUS…prophecy submitted by Kaye  


30th May, 2023 (Prophecy) That’s the thing, the thing…it costs! I’m looking for those special ones, the ones who will come apart from all that is ‘normal’, the ones who want My highest, who want to please Me above all else and what I think matters to them more than anything else. They want that pearl soo badly they are willing to ‘sell’ everything. There is something deep inside you that drives you, a passion so strong it can’t be quelled and can’t be denied. It’s that voice inside you that is so utterly compulsive. It’s beautiful and fills your whole being. You can’t deny My love; you just cannot push it away –as much as you try sometimes when you don’t feel like doing what I ask of you; when it seems too hard and messes up the plans you had or you’re not getting the things you want. I am looking for a bride readying herself to meet Me face to face. Imagine how that will be! I am in great anticipation, as I hope you are. Your preparation time is upon you. Will you be as Rebekah and go to your Bridegroom trusting, even though you know not where the journey will take you? My special Philly brides are those ones! They are willing, and even though the flesh cries out ‘Take this cup from me’ as I did, they still want Me and are willing to go through this preparation time to be the most beautiful bride they can be. They will be able to look adoringly in My face, not without blemish, but with such strong, passionate, ardent love that it surpasses all the hardships they’ve passed through. Nothing else matters. The joy and ecstasy of the moment makes it worth it all. The pain will pass and be washed away as our eyes lock. (End of prophecy)


The key is that it’s sacrificial hurt–it’s hurt that you have chosen to endure out of your love for another, and that sacrificial hurt is part of the Law of Love. (Living the Lord’s Law of Love Pt.2).”


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