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“There are many things that will work together to bring on the new economic system which the Antichrist, moved by the Evil One, will implement as part of his reign. But the crash is still a major factor and is still a major event in the Endtime series of events.
Although people are increasingly moving toward a digital or cashless society now, the movement is slow and gradual, with stops and starts, a little here in this place and a little there in that place. People seek speed and convenience, yet at the same time they are comfortable with the way things have been for years–indeed, for centuries. For hundreds of years men and women have embraced cash, bills and coins which they could touch as a store of wealth and a means of payment. As things were in the Roman Empire and in world empires of the past, so are they today–cash is still the way. Many people are uncomfortable with the thought of a cashless society, one based only upon a computerized card or chip which links them to their invisible wealth.
The Enemy has worked hard to prepare the way for this cashless society and to speed it along, and men and women have both knowingly and unknowingly put the infrastructure for it in place. Yet there are still few people, very few in comparison to the billions on Earth, who travel that route. And even those who do only use digital cash or digital means of payment part of the time. They pay for this or that online, use a credit card or debit card here and there, and write a check in other instances, but cash is still primary to them.
As time grows shorter and the End of days grows nearer, the Enemy must speed up the movement toward his cashless society and prove the need for his Mark and credit system. To do that, he will use crisis after crisis in the kingdoms of man, the nations of the world, for they are given into his hand for now. One of the crises which he will bring about is that which you have called the crash–the recession of all recessions, the greatest depression man has ever known. He must use the crash to overcome the inertia of man, for men change their ways too s lowly to suit his purposes and to fit his limited time frame. For the End draws near and will happen within the time frame appointed to it, and he cannot extend it or delay it, since My Father has decreed it so.
So yes, the crash is yet to come, and it is still a primary means by which the Antichrist will promote his new cashless society. As I have spoken through the years, both through your Father David and through the mouths of many prophets, so shall it be.
Although the crash will be a primary factor, it is not the only factor which will make this new economic system seem so necessary. Other things will work in its favor as well. Governments will embrace it as a means of cutting down on crime and lawlessness, and a simple means of taxing their people. Businesses will embrace it as a means of instant payment, increasing their profits and diminishing their losses. The masses will embrace it for its speed, convenience, security, and ease of use. There will be many apparent advantages to it.
The Enemy will also prepare men’s hearts for it in other ways–through wars, civil disorders and strife, pestilences and plagues, disasters and catastrophes. All these things will work together to make men uncomfortable with the way things are, desperate for a change, ready to toss out the status quo and the ways of the past and to embrace the new and different and revolutionary. You have seen this already in the march of technology, and you shall see it again in the march toward the new economy.
Yes, the crash is yet to come. But more than that, I am yet to come. When you see this come to pass, as indeed it will, then lift up your heads and know that your redemption draws nearer by the day. So fear not the things that are yet to come to pass. Live and love and labor for Me, knowing that I will always provide for you, and look forward to your exceeding great reward in Heaven. The final payment system will indeed be a cashless one–the abundance of your Heavenly rewards, which will endure forever.

(END 043…2001)

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“666 is a computerized, cashless banking system; it simply cannot work if cash is available. If given a choice, man will always choose cash, something that he can touch and feel. It is like his religions, he has to have a temple or a church, a pastor or a priest that he can see and touch. Man finds so difficult to live by faith. So yes, the crash is yet to come, and it is still a primary means by which the Antichrist will promote his new cashless society. As I have spoken through the years, both through your Father David and through the mouths of many prophets, so shall it be.”




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