USED Jesus walks on water


Are you living by faith? Are you exercising the gifts of the Spirit that enable you to trust Me to supply your needs? Are you learning to walk on the water? Are you building up your faith muscles? The just shall live by faith. The just shall survive by faith!

The best way to acquire faith is to live by faith–to be put into a situation where you must live and practice your faith. The best way to grow in My Word is to put it to the test– to prove My Word! Living by faith isn’t an actionless state of being. Rather, it means that you are willing to trust Me to bring about the right results as you set about doing what you can in the physical realm. Living by faith means that at the core of your being, you know that I am in control, and you know that you can count on Me to provide for you no matter what.

(Dad speaking:) Not many people have what it takes to live by faith‚ because it goes completely against carnal reasoning and the ways of the earth. But those who do are blessed in ways that flatlanders will never know. Living by faith sets you apart from the world. It makes you stand out from the masses. It makes you different, unique–a phenomenon!

(Jesus speaking:) I’ve led My Family to seek Me daily for their needs and their provision, and those who have done so have had their faith strengthened. Yes, it has been difficult, but I have supplied. Yes, you’ve had to trust Me sometimes for great miracles, but I have done the miracles. Yes, society at large has looked at you and laughed, but I have done the miracles. And this constant usage of your faith and prayer muscles has kept many of you strong and able to endure the life of a top-notch missionary and soon-to-be Endtime fighter. If you had taken the easy route, you would not be prepared now to launch into the Endtime fray. Some of you have set aside some of your armor–the armor of living by faith. You have chosen instead to go the easier route, to take on a System job, to ensure that you and your children have stable support.

I am standing outside the boat, on the water. If you’ll only step out of the boat, I’ll help you to walk on the water. You won’t sink, for I will hold you up. But it’s difficult, and there are many who say, “We cannot walk on the water! We cannot live by faith! We cannot forsake all! What will we have to eat? What will we have to wear? Wherewithal will we pay our rent?” I say that My promises are true, and not one word will fail of all the good Words that I have spoken unto you. You can’t look to circumstances. You must look to Me afresh, and look to My Word. You must challenge My Word! You must strike out and stand upon it and see if it will work for you, and I promise you, it will work for you! As I say these words to you I’m smiling, because I know that many of you will accept this challenge and will find such great joy. You’re so worried now, and you’re so challenged, but I know what wonderful pleasures, joys and rewards await each of you who will merely step out. Take the first step and I will meet you! I’ll be there holding you, to fight with you, to help you, to sustain you. For I know
your burdens. I know the worries that you have, and the cares that you have in your heart. I know you. I made you. I have brought you to this time to let go of these things, so that only Me and My Word and My Spirit will be in your life, and then I can finally use you. When you look at it like this, doesn’t it seem like a good trade to you–to trade in these petty things for Me and My Spirit and My freedom and My life and My love? Just take one small step at a time–this is how it’s all done. I don’t expect you to change drastically overnight, but I do expect you to take that small step in My direction.

“I do a new thing, for this is a new day. Time is short; only what is done for Me will bear fruit and sustain My children in this time of the End. All of My children must decide whether they will live by faith and depend on the “God factor” alone, or whether they will serve Mammon. They cannot serve two masters.”


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