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I want to share a prophecy I received a few days ago, which I believe is very important. It directed me to read the famous MO letter dream, “The Green Paper Pig”. After the prophecy, I’m including the most outstanding paragraphs from the MO Letter with a comment or two attached to each paragraph.

Prophecy, spirit helper speaking:

“You don’t know how all this is going to pan out; neither do we. Yes, we have the base plates covered –the events that are set in stone, but always remember what Jesus said, the enemy is allowed to move around within the tunnel of God’s will. He can’t move outside the tunnel but does have some leeway within it. And so do all of us. So there is always a possibility that you could throw in the towel, like you were threatening to do yesterday. We know it can get a little frustrating sometimes. Following the little line drawn in the sand is not as easy as some think. Sometimes a wave or ripple of a wave will wash away the tracing you are following, but inevitably you will pick it up again. If you look on up the beach a bit, with our help, you will see its scratching running off into the distance. There are lots of surprises up ahead, so don’t get weary or impatient if you run into a little glitch. Just sit and pray a little or a lot and you will see the sign up ahead. Remember, one important thing: you are on the right track. Don’t let the enemy lie to you by telling you that you are on some carnal minded tangent. Keep it up my love; we are all praying for you. Very soon you will witness the tide begin to change. It will recede further and further out to sea. This is the warning that the tsunami is building. You are on safe ground so do not fear; you are in the highlands of His Spirit.”

MB:  How will we know when the tide is moving out to sea?

Prophecy continues: “It already is, dearest. The inflation and rising dollar is the sign.”

MB: We’re experiencing inflation here and why are we experiencing that? Because the dollar is rising, getting stronger, bigger, fatter. At least that’s what we’ve been told about how it works. I don’t understand economics but that’s what we’ve been told how to recognize that there is inflation…the dollar is getting stronger.

Prophecy continues: “Read “The Green Paper Pig” and see what part you have to play to bring the tsunami to land. Everything and everyone is in place. We are waiting for you to do your part. Two days ago you sent of a missive, and it began to shake the foundation, but you must really get desperate and in the name of the Keys and in the Name of Jesus forcefully rebuke that foundation. This will push the hand of those that fear a complete collapse; it will force the enemy to make his move. It is time to play your card; this is your job. We will put all the force of Heaven behind your request; and once done, you must step back and watch the results.” (end of prophecy)

MB: I have rebuked the pig a few times over the past months, but perhaps I was a little premature. I believe the Lord is now indicating  that we all should start doing it because inflation is a very real sign that the Pig is growing. So let’s go and read what “The Green Paper Pig” has to say. This is another one of Dad’s wonderful dreams..

 (Early this morning MO awoke in the Spirit and related to me the following dream:)

MB: This is a really significant part of the MO letter: MO woke in the spirit not from the Spirit, so this is the “prophet” speaking. It’s not Dad analyzing some newspaper or analyzing his dream. It’s the prophet awakening in the spirit.  


(MO letter continues)…It was summer in the Mideast…

MB: The thing that came to me is that they are going into winter now. If we point our finger right now, maybe it could mean that by this coming summer of 2023 what is being said in this dream will come to pass?


(MO letter continues)… and we were fleeing through this canyon or wadi where a stream flowed (I know now it was the Jordan River), towards some kind of sea or lake like the Dead Sea (which I know now it was) where we were to get on some boats to escape across to the other side. But then as a last resort, someone unleashed on us this big imaginary monster–a gigantic Green Pig—


MB: Now there’s a message for us in this MO letter, although it was written back then, the Lord has brought it to our attention now because He wants us to apply it now, and I believe right now. So where would we be escaping to if it’s not into the wilderness? (See our blog on the 35th Meridian)

If you have been following our other blogs, then you would understand where I’m coming from. (See blog article “Last Church and Last Covenant”)

If you’ve read and understood that blog, then we must be either about to enter the wilderness or we are already moving into it. And if we are in the wilderness, then there is 1,260 days to go. Those scriptures in Revelation 12:6 and 14 are like bases or home bases set in the rock. It’s there in the Bible, when the church flees into the wilderness, there will be 1,260 days. That’s the middle point. It has to be the middle point.

 Let’s get back to the prophecy I just read. So my spirit helper is telling me to read “The Green Paper Pig”. Actually I didn’t read it this morning when I was told to, so I am reading it now for the first time and the spirit is moving and I’m seeing things in the letter that I didn’t see before. It’s not premeditated; it’s happening now. This is live everyone.. So we’ve got this summer coming in the Mideast, in 2023. We’ve got these people who have set the pig on us because we are trying to escape to the “other side” ( Remember, we were to get on some boats to escape across to the other side. You really have to read our blog on the 35th meridian to appreciate what crossing from the Jerusalem side means in relation to the Jordan Fiver.) In short, the other side is the wilderness. Last month we put out a blog saying that we believe that the last 3 and a half years have begun, based on what? The Antichrist? No, based on the Last Church, the Philadelphia Church, breaking its covenant. I’ll read it later so that you can see and hopefully understand why I think this letter was brought to our attention at this point in time.


(MO letter continues) … But then as a last resort, someone unleashed on us this big imaginary monster–a gigantic Green Pig—and he was huge, like a mechanical elephant or one of these mammoth monster-like parade balloons, and if you believed he existed he could destroy you! He was charging down the Jordan Valley, trampling on some people and devouring others, when I shouted at them: “He doesn’t really exist! It’s just in your mind!


MB: There’s the message right here. MO is telling us that in order to cross over, into the wilderness, we have to believe that the dollar doesn’t exist, that money doesn’t exist. You have the hand of God looking after you instead. God will be looking after you in the wilderness and there is no money there! And very soon there will be no money on the system side of the Jordan either. It will soon be digital. They are siccing the dollar on everyone.


(MO letter continues)…and if you believed he existed he could destroy you! He was charging down the Jordan Valley, trampling on some people and devouring others, when I shouted at them: “He doesn’t really exist! It’s just in your mind!

You must rebuke him and he’ll go away!” So some of us turned as we were boarding the boats to leave, and just as he caught up with us I yelled again, “He doesn’t exist! It’s a matter of whether you believe it or not! It’s only your faith in him that he exists that makes him real! Rebuke him in Jesus’ name and he’ll flee!”–And the minute we turned and faced him and challenged him and rebuked him in Jesus’ name, he vanished just like that! (MO snaps his fingers.) He was like the ultimate weapon, their last resort, to release this monstrous Green Pig!


MB: Now a thought just came to me that maybe it’s not about destroying the US dollar as such, but destroying people’s faith in it and bringing them back to faith in God at this crucial time in world history…but for what?

–To live in the wilderness like Moses and the children of Israel, being fed by God, nourished by God as it says will happen in Revelation 12, which is the parallel of Moses and the children of Israel. It really doesn’t matter what’s happening out there in the world, in Jerusalem/Egypt, whether the dollar is going up or the dollar is going down whether it’s turned to gold or whether it’s gone digital. It’s got nothing to do with us. We are separate from it, so maybe that pointing-the-finger business is so that people’s concept will start to change, those that believe in the dollar.

James: Everyone believes in the dollar.

MB: I know, James; we can’t change that. But God can. He changed our minds. He lifted the veil from our understanding. He had to to take us into the wilderness, as He removed the scales from our eyes. Now I know we’re in the wilderness and my concept has certainly changed. And as little as I understand of Revelation 12, I do understand that when the church, the woman, flees into the wilderness there is 1,260 days left.

Brittney: Less than one year ago we moved to this new location, so are you saying that because we are in a different physical location?

MB: I’ve said that over and over again. It’s not a physical place; it’s a spiritual place. Don’t get off on Moses crossing the Red Sea to escape Egypt. It’s not like that anymore. We said that in one of the videos. You can’t escape like that any more. They can track you. They can find you. Even if you don’t have the Mark of the Beast, they can find you. If you are holding a cell phone, they can find you. Even if you aren’t holding a cell phone, they’ve got satellites that can find you in the bush, hiding under that tree. So it’s not about the physical. The Lord might put you in a place where it’s convenient to look after this many people, like a farm for example. It is a lot easier to look after this many people here than if you were living in a town going to the supermarket, where you are totally reliant on Egypt.

So that’s just a thought. Maybe it’s just us pointing at the dollar and it will change the concept people have of it. Maybe there won’t be a massive crash. Maybe it won’t work that way. Maybe they want to move into this digital currency without this big tidal wave. I don’t understand what my prophecy is saying about the tidal wave.  But I would say that changing from cash currency to digital currency is a tidal wave and it will upset a lot of things.


(MO letter continues)…AFTERWARD I WAS LYING HERE THINKING: “What is this funny dream! What does this strange dream mean, Lord?” I asked the Lord: “What is a green pig? That’s ridiculous!” Then I thought to myself, “What is like a pig? Is it a nation? But what nation is like a pig? America? But why is he green? Does that mean he’s young and new?” And then the answer came just as clear as anything: He’s the American dollar!–The ultimate weapon in the Mideast is the American dollar, and if you believe in it, it will destroy you! But if you know it doesn’t really exist, it vanishes! So I had told them, “It doesn’t even exist! It’s in your mind! It’s your fear, your imagination! Resist it! Challenge it in Jesus’ name!”–And, poof! It just evaporated! And that’s the last I remember!


MB: And it’s true: you can’t take your system ideas and your system economics into the wilderness. It has to disappear. It has to be just not real to you anymore. If it’s still real and you’re sitting in the wilderness wondering how you are going to get money, you aren’t really living by faith, are you?


(MO letter continues)…SO THE ULTIMATE WEAPON IS THE “GREENBACK” Pig!–The American dollar, or American “greenback,” as they call it! Somehow they’re using it against the rest of the world. It came charging down the Jordan Valley just like they’d turned him loose, and he came charging furiously at us, and was really trampling and devouring the stragglers,


MB: Isn’t this what the inflation is doing? It’s trampling and devouring the stragglers, and they are doing it to force the world into the final numbering of the beast, digital banking.


(MO letter continues)……the people were a little late in making up their minds. But when it got to where we were embarking in these boats, we just turned around and I screamed: “He doesn’t even exist! Rebuke it in Jesus’ name!”–And we all just turned around and resisted it in Jesus’ name, and it vanished just like that!–The ultimate weapon! How about that?


MB: And I’d certainly agree with that, people are a little late in making up their minds.


(MO letter continues)……WE MUST TELL THE WORLD THAT THEY MUST NOT FEAR THE AMERICAN DOLLAR! The Green pig is only a monster of the imagination! It only exists if you believe in it. If you resist it in the name of God, it evaporates and is no more! So he’s very wise to put his money in gold, because the dollar is going to evaporate when the people lose faith in it, and it will be gone!


MB: Now that’s what Putin has done; he’s put his money into gold. He’s got one of the biggest gold reserves in the world.


(MO letter continues)…The green pig gobbles everybody up that believes in it, and tramples everybody in the mud that thinks it exists! But for those who know it’s just a monster of imagination, it vanishes!–It’s nothing! The Green Pig is the American dollar!


I WAS TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHERE ALL THIS WAS, and it came to me that the place where I saw the decision made to release the Green Pig was Jerusalem, and the small canyon with the river in the bottom was the Jordan! It had small low bluffs on both sides–it was the Jordan Valley, the Jordan canyon, and we were fleeing down from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea.  And it came to me we must have been going to Petra, fleeing to Petra, the world-famed Rock City in Jordan!


MB: Petra is that fortress city built in the rock, just like in the City of Buried Treasure. And yes look at that Petra is like a representation of the portal to the wilderness.


(MO letter continues)…But the decision to unleash the Green Pig, the ultimate weapon, was made at Jerusalem!


  1. SOMEONE IS MANIPULATING THE DOLLAR and using it as a weapon–the Green Pig–to try to destroy their enemies. Someone is behind the monetary crisis and they are using it to their own advantage to somehow try to destroy their enemies.–And if you believe in it, it will destroy you, but if you refuse to believe that it even exists, it completely evaporates and vanishes! It has no power over you at all. It is a monster of imagination! It only terrifies those who believe that it exists. It is the moneymakers’ monster, and the Green Pig is just a tool in their hands.


  1. BUT IF YOU HAVE NO FAITH IN IT, and you take no stock in it, you don’t believe in it, you don’t worship it, and you rebuke it in the name of God, it just vanishes and evaporates! It has no power at all over you unless you’re one of its worshipers. The moneymakers are its high priests and its priesthood, and it was created in their temples and they control it and they manipulate it as they will to their own advantage against their enemies.


  1. SO YOU AND ALL THE WORLD MUST BEWARE OF THE DOLLAR! It is a moneymaker’s creation–a Green Pig! It’ll devour you and trample you to death in the mud and the mire if you believe in it and put your faith in it, if you trust in it!


MB: This is what’s happening, but it looks like it is too late for the world, so our spirit helpers are opening up this time-release MO letter so that we can warn the children of God to start rebuking the dollar in their minds so that they can be free to move into the wilderness.


(MO letter continues)…Because, whichever way it moves, it moves at their behest, at their direction, because they created it and they control it.


MB:  Send it to this country…send to that country… Destroy them.” This inflation is destroying this country as we flee into the rock city of Petra… the wilderness.


(MO letter continues)…But it only exists for those that believe in it. If you take no stock in it and have no faith in it and don’t believe in it and you reject it, and if you refuse to accept it and you resist it because you know it doesn’t exist, except according to men’s faith in it and their imagination, if you challenge it in the name of God, it just goes pooof!–Like puff, the Magic Dragon! It totally evaporates! It has no power over you whatsoever if you don’t believe in it.


MB: This is talking about living by faith. if you believe in the dollar, then you have to have it to live. Don’t you? But if you don’t believe in it, then you don’t need it, do you? Right? That doesn’t mean that it won’t come to you until a certain designated time. But like Moses and the children of Israel, when it is totally cut off, which means when it becomes digitized, what’s going to happen? You are going to need that live-by-faith kind of faith, aren’t you? You’re going to need your belief to be somewhere else, and it has to be strong.


(MO letter continues)…But those who believe in it will be destroyed by it!–It was their creation, their monster, and it is the figment of their imagination, but they use it to their own advantage. But if you’ll reject it and refuse to believe in it, and you rebuke it in God’s name, it vanishes and cannot even touch you!


  1. THEY MUST NOT PUT THEIR FAITH IN THE DOLLAR. THEY MUST REBUKE THE GREEN PIG and he will vanish for he doesn’t really exist except in the minds of men who accept him.


MB: It’s almost like Dad is talking to someone else. He’s talking in third person. It’s like he’s talking to somebody else, somebody in the future. It has to be us, his children in the end of days.


(MO letter continues)…THEY MUST NOT PUT THEIR FAITH IN THE DOLLAR. THEY MUST REBUKE THE GREEN PIG and he will vanish for he doesn’t really exist except in the minds of men who accept him. You get all the words of David? This is the question you must ask yourself. You receive all the words of your Father?

MB: It’s like, “Now are you listening?” but people say, “Aw, it didn’t happen. It’s still crashing… 40 years… 30 years later.


You must tell them to the people! “Beware of the Green Pig which the moneymakers have unleashed upon the world!” The money crisis, the dollar crisis is their creation and the decision to use it as the ultimate weapon was made at Jerusalem!


MB: I guess that’s what our spirit helpers are saying. We’re to point at the Green Pig and say, “Don’t believe in it” You can’t go into the wilderness if you’re still believing in it. What wilderness? The bush? No, the spiritual wilderness. You cannot receive manna from Heaven; you cannot even begin to build your faith in that direction if you’re still believing in the dollar, in money, in the system. You have to grow your faith out of that. That’s how you get into the wilderness. It’s almost like a key, isn’t it? This is the key. Rebuke the Green Paper Pig, and in your mind, it will disappear. As for the world, I mean, no, they’re going down with it. They’re all going down with it. Some of these people that we know here say, “I love money.” No, this MO letter is the spirit world talking to us.

This timeline chart is for God’s children. That Bible was written for God’s children, not for the world. If the world get to hear something, then they’re lucky. But they never wake up, do they?

This Daniel 9:27 revelation, I’m convinced, is for us, it’s for our church. It’s a warning to the church that the system is about to die and if you’re still in it at this stage of the game then you may very well die along with it. The system is going to die. It has to die; it’s prophetic. We are in this world for one purpose we are here trying to win souls; that is the most important thing. We are not trying to save their money system. We are not trying to save their physical fittings. We’re trying to save their souls. It’s a spiritual thing. The Church has nothing to do with the physical. It’s all about the spirit. So stay in the spirit about this and when it’s time to move into the wilderness, Poof! The American dollar will just go poof. The American dollar stands for money, the system. That’s why it’s a spiritual wilderness, because it’s in your mind. It first has to be won in the mind. Yes, of course if the Lord supplies a nice farm for you, then go there. But even if you’re there, if you have not destroyed the Green Paper Pig in your mind, you’ll be looking outside that farm, looking for the Green Paper Pig.


(MO letter continues)…AMERICA’S GREEN PAPER PIG DOESN’T EVEN EXIST–IT’S ONLY IN YOUR MIND–and only if you believe in it! It’s a figment of your imagination! If it’s your image, if it’s the image of your nation–your image-nation, your imagination, the image of your nation, and you worship it and you believe in it and you hold on to it, it will destroy you!


MB: These people love their nation. They’re so far in debt, deep deep in debt, inflation is destroying them and they send a football team to Qatar or wherever it is, to play the world cup, which costs God knows how much money. Just to kick a stupid round ball around with everybody else, all the other fools. That’s about the image of your nation, how important it is to win. I was saying that to one of them. “You people are mad. You’re in debt up to your eyeballs. Your inflation is killing you..” and he said “Yeah, but we have to play football.” Fools. How can you help these people? They are all the same. Every country in the world has sent their team to the World Cup. Talk about “rat race” talk about “Flushed Away” They’re gonna be flushed away.


(MO letter continues)…But if you rebuke it and defy it in the name of God, it has no power over you! It totally vanishes–just evaporates! As they unleashed it at Jerusalem and it came charging down the Jordan Valley toward us while we were escaping in these boats at the Dead Sea, it was destroying everything in its path till we turned and rebuked it and resisted it and I shouted to them, “It doesn’t exist! Rebuke it! Resist it and it will flee from you!”–And we did, and Puff, the Magic Dragon vanished!–Puff, the Magic Dragon crashed!


Well, I could keep reading, but I think that we are out of time. But I believe we have the gist of this. If you want to read the rest, it’s called “The Green Paper Pig”. But I don’t really believe after reading what we’ve read that it has too much to do with the crashing of the US dollar. It’s about crashing your imagination, your belief and faith in it because we’re going into the wilderness. The Last Church has written off the Words of David and the 1,260 days have started. That’s what I believe. So here we go.


“But if you rebuke it and defy it in the name of God, it has no power over you! It totally vanishes–just evaporates! As they unleashed it at Jerusalem and it came charging down the Jordan Valley toward us while we were escaping in these boats at the Dead Sea, it was destroying everything in its path till we turned and rebuked it and resisted it and I shouted to them, “It doesn’t exist! Rebuke it! Resist it and it will flee from you!”–And we did, and Puff, the Magic Dragon vanished!–Puff, the Magic Dragon crashed!.”

I was thinking later why the pig was released from Jerusalem and what came to me was the story of Joshua and the children of Israel. When they crossed over the Jordan to the Jerusalem side all their clothes began wearing out again and their shoes too. The manna stopped and they had to eat earth food again. So Jesus is trying to tell us that it is time to leave the Jerusalem/Egypt side of the Jordan back over into the wilderness. This message came from our spirit helpers at a very significant time in history. Jesus is trying to prepare us for what is about to happen. Perhaps this coming summer in the Mideast.

USED Green Paper Pig02

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Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog where we will share with you why we believe Daniel 9:27 is vitally important to our immediate future and the diminishing of the Green Paper Pig.


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