The wonderful Law of Love

Jesus speaking: The all-important, vital ingredient in any work or job or accomplishment you are involved in is Me. Are you doing what you are doing for yourself, or is it for Me?  If I am the center and you are the spokes of light that emanate from Me, then together we will create a Ferris wheel of love that others will see and get excited over and will therefore want to buy a ticket for. Your lives, if centered on Me, or in other words, lived for Me, will be lives lived for others. If people’s lives become self-centered, then that once Christ-centered group of people lose their balance and begin to wobble, and in time their vision perishes. One spoke of light, just as one spoke on a bicycle wheel, that gets out of alignment, makes the vehicle unstable and dangerous.

The whole millennium and eternity must be Christ centered. However, those people who live during the millennial dispensation that do not wish to be part of the wheel of God’s creation, will be permitted to find their own lands and ways and means of living.  Nonetheless, the same physical rules will apply to them as to everyone else; I will send rain on the just as well as the unjust. The sun will rise and set; the earth will yield her bounty for all. The spiritual and physical laws will still apply to all, both the just and those who resist the order of things. However, this will be My last attempt to show the recalcitrant that there is an order; there are laws, unbreakable cosmic laws, that all –you, they and I– have to abide by. Chaos will not be permitted to take hold upon this earth ever again. If it is self-will and chaos they want, then they will be given that opportunity in hell. It is there that they will see the utter fruitlessness of the self-centered way. Hell will have its rules too, but being a place where one learns the hard way, the system will work somewhat differently than in the world of My spokes of light. Time has been given to man to learn the order of life. It is not a matter of Me, you or them; it is not who is right, but what is right. It is quite insane to think that there is another way besides God’s way.

“If one falls, pick him up, help him dust off, lock your arm in his and keep walking on. Keep loving and caring and sharing one with another.”



Return of the keys

“Only the Keys of the Kingdom can give us the strength to live the perfect law of love.”




There is no standing still; you are either going forward or backward. Call on the keys, for they will keep you moving forward until you reach the goal.



It is incredible to think that a person or angel could think that the Creator of all things got the basic guidelines wrong. My loves, it is nothing but rebellion in its most basic form: man resisting the embedded spiritual and natural laws set in place by a loving Creator.

So how does a small community of people exist, whether they are a family or believers who simply share the same ideals and goals? Again the spokes of light illustration, they must be Christ centered; they must be married to Me as one wife. They must be governed by the Law of Love. They must be bound by the laws of My spirit. They must emanate My light. I must be the center shining through them. Self must go; all desire to be that someone I want them to be must be the whole purpose for existence.


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