USED love letter from Jesus

A letter from Jesus



It is getting very very close, dear children. The market is closing and the money is getting smaller and smaller. Please read the letter that you’ll see attached. I believe that this will help you put together one of the most important parts of the final key.


Prophecy submitted by Esteban

Matthew 5:44

“But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;”


Jesus speaking:

Dear child, I have gifted you with the weapon of love. I love you, and want you to show that kind of love that this world knows not of. It is a humbling thing to love like this, but this is the only way of salvation. 

Salvation is not a law that comes and slaps you in the face and says, “Look, you evil person; change now or you will die.” Now is the time to show that you have something greater than what they have, and that is to lose your own life and your own reputation, to follow My sweet, small voice that tells you to forgive. 

I love you and want you to still fight for love even when you have lost it all and look like a loser or a coward in the eyes of the fearful, self-righteous man that is confused and trapped in a prison of condemnation. But you are free, free to choose My love, free to love with no limited time or space.  Love, I tell thee; love with no limits, for I am your only limit, and in Me there are no limitations, only liberation. You must show them My true nature; you must teach them how it’s done, how to live the law (love) of life. 



June 2022


Tree of Genesis 3:22



June 2022


Yellow (See attached song)



free at last!

I read “Amazing Grace” recently because I needed help explaining to a friend the difference between the laws of Moses and the love of Jesus. I found the answers I was looking for, but I also heard the Lord speaking to me about the freedom of spirit that was released through the Words I was absorbing.

Jesus speaking: As system cords tighten and conformity, regulation and fear, restrict, smother and suffocate the bodies and souls of man– the heat of God’s love must burn more brightly in the hearts of His servants. These servants must not forget their First Love. They must remember the Words of life that once set them free from the confines of this devil-created illusion called The World –and those they come to save must feel this freedom. This can only happen if My children are possessed by My spirit of love.

The constricting, self-righteous laws and traditions of today’s modern church system make of its adherents, cold, lifeless vessels –full of ice water. The modern church is bound within the worldly system that it was spawned from. It cannot set the captives free. It cannot free anyone, because it is not liberated in spirit. It will be dragged into the abyss with the old world as the Antichrist demands registration and worship.

Only the white-hot love of God burning in the hearts of  My true believers will have the power to burn away the shackles of remorse and sin that this new regime will set upon those that take this damnable mark.

(end of prophecy)


Do you have such freedom? If you are strong enough in Spirit & in faith & filled with His Love, the Lord can trust you with enough liberty to live life to the full!And to even use such liberty as a useful tool to help & win others with His Love!”



“Claim the keys of witness in your lifenot just witness to the lost, but witness in every way, at work and at playand My fire and love will burn in your heart brightly, illuminating others’ lives.”





all parts of you touched

I came to you in the best form I have. For if I want to touch more than just your earthly senses and to penetrate each part of your soul, then I must use the conduit of the Word, My Word. This has the power to “visit” with each part of you—if you read and absorb enough, you get to have all parts of you touched. I came to be with you in a way you would most benefit from.

I am not selfish. There is nothing I do that is for Me primarily. I see what you truly need, not just what your lips are saying. Just like you do with the children, you look past behavior to see what the true need is. So do I do with you. I love to take very good, exceptional care of you.


You can do all things through Me. You can face something that seems insurmountable and actually enjoy it, if you claim the power of the keys.



Revelation 15-22

“By the power of the keys you can rise above the things that threaten to muddy your outlook on life.”







Prophecy bites

Beautiful is the gift of loving…

More from the “Seeds of David”: Aphrodite

Beautiful is the gift of loving. It’s something that can only be given. It’s a gift. And once it is given, it is meant to be poured out again. People get the mistaken idea that love is something to hold. But you can hold love as easily as you can hold air. If you try to hold in a breath of air for too long, it gets uncomfortable, doesn’t it? So it is when love is kept in and kept to one’s self. Love can only be received and must be given away.

Why? Because it’s from God, and that is His nature—always moving, interacting, and out pouring, and never withholding.

So if you need more love in your vessel to do a better job for your King, remember that it comes from above. That’s the storehouse for it.

It’s not like people have a generator that can make electricity. People think that since love can be felt and shared with one another, that being together will help generate love, without any Upward involvement. But people are not generators of love unless they have an Upside source pouring it into them.

So this being the case, you don’t actually have to have a soul around to feel God’s love filling you and making you feel love for others too.  It can happen without your consent—the outpour of love into your being.

So if you need to have an “oil up” of love for someone, or they for you, to make things go better, tap into the source. Ask for it from the true generator of love. And I or someone like me might be sent to your heart or the heart of another, as a sort of “dispenser” or vial of love.

Just think, the things that are so “spiritual” to you there, that can’t be seen and touched but are from God, are in actuality real and tangible things on this side of the veil or at least here you will have the spiritual senses to see and feel them as real things.

Love can be used as an “uncracking” element too. And that’s what your dear heart fears. Like a seed soaked can burst its skin and the water seeps in; or like a nut is cracked and can then be appreciated, so can the liquid of love open up people’s hearts and minds. Then more growth can occur. And this can sometimes be rather painful, for one might wish to keep closed and safe; safe from new feelings or new interactions. Safe from prying eyes getting a glimpse into something less-than-perfect within the shell of one’s heart.

But into the water you go, dropped in to soak, and then pop, you open up and begin to grow in new ways.

Get ready for spring. It will bring new blossoms in your soul in ways you haven’t yet predicted.

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