to bring joy

Jesus speaking:

The fires of testing are hard, even for the toughest of men on this planet.  Why do I even allow it? You know I could have just let you all live a life of ease  –that no matter what you or others did, nothing would hurt you or trouble you for long. I could have made it that sin didn’t matter, that rebellion didn’t bring consequences, and that this planet was a place with one bit of fun after the next.

But what would you learn then? And by learn, I mean what would you come to know about God,  what He is like, and how to be more like your Heavenly Father? The purpose of being more like us is so we can at last finally be together forever. And that, My dear ones, is going to be heaps more fun than a life of ease where nothing tries you, tests you, or hurts you in any way. Pain of some sort is the learning stick that teaches you what is good and what is evil.

Having the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the blood system of humans means that you witness and experience just that: the fruit or consequences of knowing and doing good or evil. That’s the kind of “knowing” that this fruit brings to the human existence—experiencing the type of conditions, the consequences, the results that come when either good or bad thoughts are part of life.

But I want you to remember what the end goal of  this mess-filled world is. There is suffering and troubles–but the end goal, for those who choose a better way, is eternal bliss and extreme joy that goes on for eternity. I want you to be so filled with joy in the afterlife, that even the worst circumstances that might have been part of your short, earthly existence seem little more than a pimple that is soon cleared up. Things just won’t matter then like they do to you now.  While you are  living this life,  they are meant to matter to you. You are meant to endure the fires of testing, though with Me at hand, it doesn’t need to be felt the way that many unsaved or rebellious ones have to endure.

Remember, I was with the three Hebrew men in the fiery furnace. Yes, the fire was hot, but they were not consumed. And then as a result, a witness and a testimony was shown and declared, not just to the nation and king at the time, but all down throughout history, wherever the book and word of mouth declared this most amazing event.

You may go through the fires, but you won’t be burned, that is to say– killed off, finished off before your time. You will live through the heartache or the needs, the pains, the afflictions, and yet go on to win new victories when the tests of the moment become a thing of the past.



Spirit helper speaking

(Azoria:) The rewards are not what it’s about. They’re just things that a Loving God gives to His children because He loves them. So you must remember that you weren’t sent to this Earth for a “treasure hunt”. That’s not the goal –to garner rewards. You were sent to Earth because you needed extra schooling: you wanted to learn something. The tests and trials can seem hard, but you should remind yourself that they’re just par for the course. You have to open your eyes to see what it is that the Lord is trying to teach you through this test—since that is what all these tests are for, for you to learn  something. So instead of complaining or moaning, and saying that “my life” is too hard, just remind yourself: “This is a School. I’m here as a student. This is not ‘my Life’. My Life is back in Heaven. Right now I’m on an assignment.”

If you think that this is your life, then you’re too attached to this present World. You’ve let down roots and have started to grow here. You don’t have the Heavenly Vision anymore; the Earth life has gotten hold of you. You have to realign your vision every day because you’re surrounded by the Earth and its people. You’re surrounded by devils and demons of carnality, of lust, and of self. This world wars against your spirit and is trying every day to bring it into subjection, into chains. It’s a struggle every day, small or great: it’s a struggle for survival. Every single day you make choices to either step up a level in the spirit or go down a level closer to the dead heads and the mud men of this earth. It’s a school, remember, and you can either choose to apply yourself to your studies or fool around in the world –trip off, waste time and accomplish nothing. Remember, you have to die daily. It’s not a one-time thing. You’re standing on a slippery uphill mountain, and if you don’t make some forward progress every day, you begin to slide back down and become again as they are—earthy, sensual, devilish. It’s a fight to stay on the high grounds of the Spirit because you have to keep moving higher and higher. The water of the world never stops rising, so what once was the high ground of yesterday is not the high ground of today.


“If you think that this is your life, then you’re too attached to this present World. You’ve let down roots and have started to grow here.”


Fields of airyn

“When you are lost, I will give you sight; when in despair, I will give you hope; when on the verge of collapse, I will raise you up; when hopelessness surrounds you, I will restore your vision; when all seems lost, I will bring victory all through the power of the keys of the Kingdom.”





deep and soul searching honesty

“Gird up the loins of your mind and be sober. Take on the full armor of God so you can withstand the fierce attacks of Satan that come to batter you, first this way and then that way. It’s pointless just being “honest” about the same things, again and again, the same battles that you keep allowing him to use the land of your mind for.

You never actually get fully deep and pull out those treasures from the depths of your heart to be discussed and replaced as is needed. When you let the same surface troubles hit you, just because you aren’t willing to fight, you seldom get deep, really deep with the Lord in heartfelt, heart-to-heart communication –deep heart cleansing.

The more time you spend in the Word, the more you are going to get cleansed. Why? Because then the land field, battle-zone of your mind is more protected from the petty things, the repeated distractionary battles.  At last you can delve more deeply into what you actually should be dealing with, getting help and prayer for, and taking to the Lord for counsel and renewal.

If you let the little things constantly trouble you, the repeated issues that you are meant to forsake and put out of your mind, then you are just constantly distracted.

So if you find yourself talking to your Lord for the millionth time about something that wouldn’t be a problem anymore if you’d just at last yield to His will in the matter and give up whatever He’s asking of you, then maybe it’s time to have a reboot. It’s time to get “renewed” in your mind, so you can get a bit deeper and talk about some new things that might really matter to you but have been tucked away for so long.

How to get rebooted? Ask for it with all your heart and the Lord can refit your mind and give you new thoughts.

You can become a new you, if you ask. Wanna wake up tomorrow with a new mind and a fresh outlook and gain maturity at the same time? Let the Lord’s mind and thoughts become more your habit.  You can only do that with the gift of on-going prophecy, hearing from Him and getting His thoughts about the things you see and do each day.

Just letting His thoughts take over more will cause a mind revolution, which will start a heart revolution. And a revoluted heart is an alive heart that keeps going. It gets addicted to getting and keeping clean and being filled with new waters. It gets used to being right with God and wants to keep letting Jesus’ love and thoughts in deeper and more fully.”

“It’s time to have a reboot. It’s time to get “renewed” in your mind. Then you can get a bit deeper and talk about some new things that might really matter to you but have been tucked away for so long.”




“Defeat the Evil One’s puny power and efforts through the power of the keys.”






Victory from self pity

Spirit helper speaking:

The rod of correction will drive it far from your bosom. I don’t wish to share the bed with Oogles, the thief who steals precious joy right from where I placed it. You can’t have a gold miner and a thief dwelling together. Just like light and dark can’t live together, so is it that the hinderer of joy can’t exist well with peace and joy. I won’t tolerate it.

So up to the bed of paradise, stripped and ready for long and hard riding. It’s there that we learn the tough lessons. Loving in a heavenly realm will take you to a place where Oogles can’t ride. But when you go back down, you do need to watch your back, for a bare back that carries cares rather than a righteous cross will have its pack added to.  Weariness will set in, and you’ll be offended –off ended– finished before properly done.

When I see Oogles coming around, I crack my whip. This is to alert you that something is going on. If your ears don’t hear and make you turn and face him down, and then jump high into the sky to be held in the arms of your loving Jesus, then I strike. I strike you down, so that you have to be looking up. If you won’t go up, at least you can be looking up and wishing you were there. Then your “back is covered” by the ground, and he can’t add more cares to your sack.

Then I stand over you with whip in hand and command you to rise, and rise up high enough. But I do wish you would have listened the first time so we could have skipped the messy and painful stage of the protection force.

(Question: What does the whip sound like, so I can be attentive and aware?)

(Message continues: ) It comes in many ways, as many as the events of the day: the whispers that you are always to be listening to, the messages of prophecy, the ideas that keep you inspired, the reminders, the voice of the wild wind. Always be listening—not to your own thoughts, but to the spirit realm that trains you, leads you and directs you. You are not there for yourself. You never have been and shan’t be. You are there as servant of the living God.

Paul was whacked down into the dirt, so he’d look up. A murderer he was, but still God could use him. An example of what to do and what not to do was he. Yet if he gave in to the ‘poor me’s’ that would have been his downfall. Sure, he was hounded and on death’s list. Even the disciples didn’t want the likes of him around. But he had one goal in mind: Jesus’ will and doing it at all costs.

So what are you complaining about? I’ll whip that whimper out of your soul if you dare to cling to it like a ragged teddy bear that isn’t helping you win a race.

Put down the dummy, and get up and riding. Your hands need to be free to hold the reins—that’s us—and your mouth needs nothing to block it so we can enter freely with strong words.

Will you grow up? Or do you want to stay in kindergarten with the rebels who have to keep learning how to say “Yes sir” and do what they are told? If you are grown, eventually you get to be the teller, and help out a bit, not be one of the toddlers whimpering around, needing something to suck on that does you no good. A false sucker that is.

I’ve got something that you should be sucking on daily, and it’s hot and freely flowing with elixir that heals your wounded heart. Get sucking and you’ll grow. Big sucks for big girls. Let’s go. I’ve got more cherry treasure than you can imagine. I’ll give you any pure pleasure from the throne of the King that suits your taste buds. There is nothing I will deny you, if only you will leave the soothing-yourself fake for the real thing.

How do you stop sucking on the wrong things? Thoughts, always thoughts. Thoughts of you, and what more you can do for yourself. If it’s not coming from the throne of God, a directive from Jesus, but something you are chasing after to make yourself feel better from the last bonk you gave yourself through blinding chasing a dream, it’s only going to keep you in sorrow.

I’ll put it more plainly.

You want a family who loves you, cherishes you, thinks your thoughts, does what you are wishing for, and makes life a heaven for you, here and now. And since that isn’t the game plan for anyone on this planet, here and now, you are sour –soured on life, on love, on happiness. And content to make others feel your woes and want. It’s a tool you use to try to make things better. But it’s like building a brick house with a fork or spoon. Wrong tools won’t do the job.

(Note: I can testify this worked wonders. I started to rebuke the thoughts of self pity just like any other mental attack and give no place—and it especially worked well when I rebuked the demon by name with the derogatory handle given in this message.  I am a new person. And a week or so later the Lord started handing out some satisfaction in ways I never expected. Once you start praising and stop whining, the Lord shows what great things He has up His sleeve. It really works.)


“Paul was whacked down into the dirt, so he’d look up. A murderer he was, but still God could use him.”



Revelation 12

“Nothing can withstand the power of the keys. Use them to change your wrong mindsets and see things in My light.”





prophecy bites

“It’s when you are focused on what your flesh desperately wants that you miss out on what I want to give you in the spirit. Let your flesh fade in importance and realize that what it is looking for is actually something that you have to fight. It can be a fight to battle off your own feelings and desires, especially if at the very same moment, those feelings are intense.  Jesus knows this, and that is why He gave you the keys to shut those doors that let all these floods in.  It’s hard to know what to do when the water starts rising past your ankles and then your torso; you have got to be fast and not just accept them. Get that door closed, even if you are falling over from the current at your feet. Your life can either be overflowing with the spirit and fruits of the Spirit or it can be overcome with your personal dreams and desires; what will it be? There is a whole spirit world out here, the real world…don’t be so focused on your little world and little desires, that you miss out on what we are trying to give you. It always comes down to the question: do you want flesh or spirit? Do you want our world or your messed up little world? Do you want your desires or His beautiful desires? Do you want life in the spirit?”

I sometimes don’t understand what Your plan is, but I know it is good, Jesus.





prophecy bites

(Spirit helper speaking: ) Let me open up the treasure box that is in your chest—your heart. It’s time to check how the jewels are doing. Polished and shiny enough? These jewels only come through times of forsaking and giving your heart and soul to your Redeemer. Tears turn to jewels and solidify over time, even growing bigger when you give the reasons for those tears over to Jesus to hold those tender parts of your soul.

How exactly do you “give” something to Jesus? You let Him be the one to be concerned about what happens next –and what happened before. If someone gives their valuables to another person for safekeeping, then they are entrusting the responsibility to them. They don’t go around thinking constantly about them. That would defeat the purpose of letting another have the care of them. You don’t both need to carry around the concern.

So give your thoughts to Jesus; stop thinking about something He’s asked you to move on from; stop  thinking about the memories or pining over the loss. Let Him take care of what happens next. Just put those special things in a vault of trust, in the treasure chest of your heart and give Jesus the key to look after it.

Then you can freely go on to think about your next mission or just about your love for Him if that’s what it’s time for. When He looks after your treasures, they get bigger and have more lustre and shine.