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A Gift Given to My “Philly Brides”


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Note from MB, 2022: Since the time of this compilation in 2020, we have been given the “Keys to the Wilderness” and the “Blue Key”, among other important Endtime Keys. The “Keys to the Wilderness” maybe better explained as “The Keys of Revelation 12:6”.


Prophecy: “The ‘Keys to the Wilderness’ are a gift given to My “Philly Brides”(Rev. 3:7). These are they that will pass through great tribulation, but not as the world or My faithless old church children will pass through this dark hour. My Philly Brides will pass through this time of temptation holding the Keys of the Kingdom. It is because of their faith in Me and My Word of revelation that they hold these keys. These ones chose to believe the New Wine poured forth from the mouth of My prophet David, and because of their belief I have continued to pour forth new revelations, at times with new keys attached. The Key of Revelation 12:6 is one such key; the Blue key is another, but they are only two on a vast spiritual key ring that is accessible by faith. Without faith in the Keys of the Kingdom, they will not work, because they are attached to My will, and only those that obey My will can hold these Keys. The disobedient and willful cannot hold them. The Keys do not obey the will of man…


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…The Keys to the Wilderness give the holder entrance to an open door or portal through the spiritual veil that separates My Kingdom from the material world. I hold the Key of Heaven and Hell, and there is only one way to Heaven, or Hell for that matter, and that is through Me, I am the door. My Kingdom is set up much like the material world. It is about choice, majesty of choice and free will. Once you are inside My realm, either through death or by passing through the veil using the gift of prophecy or when given a dream or vision from this side, you begin to learn. I won’t be talking about dreams and visions or prophecy in this discussion; I want you to focus on the Keys. The Wilderness Key has been used by different prophets throughout history; for example Moses used them when crossing the Red Sea. David used them to escape from the hand of Saul. Then there was Elijah and Elisha, Philip and the list goes on. Although the Wilderness Keys were used during the time of My prophets, they were more specifically kept in reserve for the Endtime. And although I used them and even spoke of them in Matthew 16:19, I purposely didn’t expound on their use. Let Me read a very special verse to you now…you know it well…”And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write; These things saith he that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of David, he that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man openeth;”. Now allow Me to read to you a prophecy given in 1971 to My prophet David.” (PROPHECY:) “THE KEY OF DAVID IS THAT CHORD WHICH I STRIKE UPON THY HARP to AWAKEN thee from slumber–that signals thee to come to life to help My Children in the time of their great distress. The Key that I strike upon thy harp-the chord which I strike upon thy strings, is the tone that signals thee–the Key of David!”

I SEE A PICTURE OF DAVID ASLEEP, entombed as it were in the System (matrix)! Above his head hangs the harp of the Spirit of God that plays the music to which his soul responds. “Upon which I the Lord thy God strike the chord which draws INSTANT response from thy heart & brings thee instantly alive–the tone signal that activates thee to serve thy people. I have awakened thee through the Key of David, & thou hast awakened & LED My Children–My People–to freedom!”

The time of “distress” has come,, My Philly brides, you who are nothing but peculiar people, you who do not belong to this world but are strangers and pilgrims passing through on a mission for your King. It is by faith and will always be by faith whilst you remain in the plane of material man. Because you took up and believed in the one who held the Key of David, you opened a door that cannot be shut by anyone or anything but your faith. Your faith gave you full access to the Key of David, which in turn gave you access to all the Words I poured out through David the door. To those whom I call My Philly brides, I say this, eye hath not seen, and ear hath not heard, neither hath it entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for those that love Me. And to you I have given the Key to the wilderness of My spirit. This Key, as My most intimates know, is a key to a portal that the faithless cannot open, that the enemies of God cannot open or even see. But My faithful can see, those that hold the Keyes of David, those of faith.

My Kingdom is within you and all around you, and one day, very soon, you will be taken from this world, just as I was lifted up by the hand of My Father to My reward, so will you be. But until then, you are required on the earth plane as My representatives. But I have not left you comfortless or without the facilities to perform your duty for Me. The Keys of the Kingdom are at your beck and call, and you are surrounded by a “great cloud of witnesses”, spirit helpers and angels, that, on request, will come to your aid to give you support, counsel and protection. Use the Keys of the Wilderness in times of distress, when all is dark and you cannot see. One of their powers is that of translation; you will have the ability through this key to live in both worlds. It will be as if you have left this earth plane when using this Key. Read My Word in the Bible and you will see when and where I used this special Keye. Have faith, My brides of the End, have faith and flee into the wilderness during the hour of temptation that will come upon the whole world, that hour which is now upon you. Scripture must needs be fulfilled; I will not and cannot take you before your time, for out of you shall come My two witnesses, those who are ordained to fight with the fire of My Word during the last days of man, the Great Tribulation.”

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