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Prophecy received October 15, 2022

“Last warning! The bell has rung! Next round is the last round! …back to your corners. Wipe off the sweat; if there are any cuts received in the previous round, now is the time to doctor them. Wipe some petroleum jelly on them and dash some on those eyebrows; they’ve been taking a beating. The enemy is going for your eyes. His intention is to blind you so you won’t see what is coming next. You’ve done well to stay in the ring this long. It’s tough going I know, but don’t worry; take a swig of this. It will boost your spirit for what is coming. Just as soon as that bell goes for the last round, he’s going to go for you fast and furiously, so stay on your toes.  

The world isn’t ready for what is about to happen. Their senses have been dulled, and they’ve gone put their money on the red corner. But you, My brides, are made of wiser stuff, you’ve been drinking from the fountains of David and David’s juice is a heavenly elixir prepared specifically for this last round. Your senses are not dulled. You have not been stupefied by the Devil’s lying wonders, his promises, and deceit. Manipulated by money, poisoned by vaccines, blinded by cheap jewelry and trinkets, stricken with fear and doped by their false religions, the masses are now firmly in the hands of the usurper. Having turned their backs on their true Savior, they are slaves to the dragon’s will. From “Supers to Serfs” they have no will of their own.”

Excerpts from “Prophecies of the Children of David” #8

“The crash goes through practice runs in country after country, and area after area, as the Evil One pulls the strings of his puppets, or manipulates the kingdoms of this world which are given into his hand. He pulls a string here, and if the marionette will not yield to his tug, it comes tumbling down. Then it is rewired so that he has greater control and a more submissive marionette. He prepares his way through his little crashes here and there, making the nations of the world more dependent on him and his financial institutions, and more desperate for his solutions. Ever so slowly has he worked, extending his control little by little.”

“Take heed that you be not deceived by the great climbing financial markets of the world. They’re built on wood, hay and stubble, and with one flick of a match they become ashes between the teeth of those who look to them. You do well to invest your funds in souls and the tools for winning them, for such investments are as gold and a multitude of precious jewels!” (1998)

“This financial turbulence is the process by which the Evil One is spreading his fear, panic and depression, which in turn creates the political instability that leads to troubles and great sorrow for those who do not look to Me.” (1999)

“The world is fatalistic now; they see it as a natural course of events. But it’s not happening naturally; there’s a definite plan behind it. The ACs want all the markets linked so they can pull the plug on them all in one shot. They don’t want to have to destabilize country by country; they want to do it all in one shot. That’s why all the financial markets and exchanges are getting more and more linked and dependent on each other. They’ll be able to crash the entire market economy of the globe with one phone call, one flick of their wrist. They’ll be able to pull the world down to poverty in an instant.”

They staged the whole thing

“All the big players are involved in this plan. While they make it appear as if each one has their own agenda and plan, and they strive to keep up the façade of independence and of making these advancements for the good of their respective nations, behind closed doors they’re getting their orders straight from the top. They don’t do a thing without being told what to do by the AC’s who are in charge and running the show.”


“Once they’ve got the world groveling at their feet, they’ll start bailing them out one by one, by offering them new and improved methods of marketing, new and improved economic plans. They’ll “offer,” but what they’re not saying is that they’re going to implement this plan “or else”–or else they’ll crush you and starve you and bring you down till you accept their plan. It’s such a farce, a fake, this phony front they put up of wanting to help and being so charitable and philanthropic. They’re only philanthropic when it suits their purpose and when they can get control of or access to something they want. They don’t give away “help” without very tight strings attached. And they pull the strings as they wish. All this is going to come about very suddenly. There’ll be a “mighty widening of the eyes,” because things will be going great till suddenly the bottom will fall out of it, and people will be left with nothing but paper–worthless paper.” (2000)


“My children, you’ve had many peeks into what lies ahead. The crash is here, as your Father David has said, and has been here for some time. Markets may go up and down, but the crash is proceeding little by little. If you don’t believe this, ask the poor of this world. While the rich grow richer, the poor grow poorer.”



“Take hold of the keys of boldness to proclaim My truth; grasp tightly the keys of revolution to remain separate from the world, and cling to the keys of commitment, which make you never want to be a part of the world and its ways.”


It’s going to happen very suddenly. One day you’ll wake up and the global markets will have plunged, and that money you’re holding will be worthless. That’s not a myth or a theory–that’s the truth. It’s going to get sucked down to the bottom of the pool, and they’ll take as many people down as they can.

“The time is coming when a greater economic depression will hit the world, an even greater downturn in economic activity, because the Antichrist wants to consolidate as much power into his hands as he can. And one step toward doing that is a complete revamp of the financial system. I’m not talking about the Mark of the Beast yet; I’m talking about the precursor to that, which is winding down the corrupt, inflated, empty financial system.–Winding it down closer to its true value, and the Antichrist grabbing as much power as possible during this wind-down. These are things which must come to pass, and I remind you of them so that you may watch for them, be aware of them when they happen, and see My words being fulfilled. The fact of the matter is that the entire worldwide financial system is bankrupt. The Devil has gotten it into this position, of course, so that he can pull the rug out from under who he wants to when he wants to, in order to consolidate power into a lot fewer organizations that he will have ultimate control of. That’s what’s happening right now.” (2008)

The financial world is controlled by the god of this world, the Devil, for the kingdoms of this world are given over to him.


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