Jesus Speaking about the Keys of the Kingdom

“My Word is the Key to all the universe and beyond. What did Satan want above all things? What did Eve want above all things? Knowledge…understanding…light –key power to the universe, which I have said, I will freely give to those who follow the order. Satan wanted to break the “order” of things and steal that power for himself. Eve was willing to break the order of things to get the key of understanding. Genesis 3:5 For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.

“Your David was given the key to understand My deeper Secrets. He obtained this key through obedience. Enoch obtained translation by the road of obedience. You, My loves, are on the same road. Unlike Enoch, you will not be translated, because you are of earthly good. In fact, you are very much needed at this crucial point in world history. The door you stand at now has been reached through your obedience to My Word: the Bible, the Words of David and then Maria, and now the Living Word that is being poured down to you personally. I do not give this key freely. It must be earned through obedience; it is through obedience that you gain trust. It was through obedience to My Father’s will that I gained the power to save the whole world from the destruction of sin. It will be through your continued obedience that you will gain the key to as much of My power as you will need for the job you have before you.

Jesus will never be fully complete until all the keys, “us” are in place within the greater concept that is God.”


Keys to the Kingdom

Call on the keys to create in you anew mind, and to release you from the limitations of your old mind and carnal reasoning.

Now is indeed the time to reveal to you, My brides, deeper secrets: not only regarding the Keys but other secrets also. Am I not doing this very thing through the special key that I have given each of you? Remember this one important key, My precious ones, obedience, because it is through your collective obedience and also your personal obedience that you will gain access to the next level…reality…state. I am showing you that the way to My secrets is My Word. The key is desire. The greater the desire for My Word, the more will be revealed to you, the stronger your key connection will be and the stronger your faith will be for what is up ahead.” (December 2020)


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