Jesus Speaking on the Keys

 It is imperative to speak faith. Always speak of what I can and will do. Don’t allow a snicker of doubt in by uttering the blasphemous words of How possible?!! Just don’t even go there. For by letting those words come out of your mouth, you are giving entrance to the defiant one. What I promise,  I will do. Crush the opposition by only letting faith-filled thoughts dwell in your mind. Barricades must be erected against the deceits and lies and  impossibilities and fears of Satan! It’s a fight, My love. You will need to forcibly block the fears of the impossible scenarios that could more than likely come upon you. But no! Instead, refuse and trust! Never forget that I am your Husband and as you run into My arms, the old boy may have a hold of your foot, but his attack will come to naught. We will dash his lies to pieces! We will bear thee up. The keys will come to the fore. Hold them up. When the time is right, the keys will kick into high gear, and for those of you who believe and have been taking them into your bosom, they will burst forth out of your mouth and out of your chest. They will explode into full throttle and will catapult you up and over the enemy’s machinations, foul poisons and the snares with which he desires to trap you and make you his own. Never, never will I allow My loved ones to be taken. The keys will fill you like never before to face whatever comes at you. You will withstand the forces of evil with such faith in your hearts, because you have no shadow of doubting…none. You are My Brides, and you know Me so well, so intimately, so personally, that whatever happens I am in it, I am there with you. You will not be dismayed or alarmed but steadfast in My love. Bulwarks of your Master and King! It will be the keys running through your veins and through your brain, because they are embedded in you. It’s the fortifying of your minds that needs to be your focus now.

When you call on the keys, the powers of evil lose their sway; sin, disease, and fear give way. Satan’s power cannot withstand the power of the keys!


Return of the keys

“For extreme results, call on the extremely superior power of the key craft. No darkness or evil can withstand the power of this heavenly craft.”



It is imperative to strengthen your thoughts. –For Me, only for Me.–  Stop dabbling in matters that you have no need to. Let’s ratchet it up and truly focus. Forsake the superfluous. Focus on what matters. Toss the rest. Love has come to save you. I bestow My greatest devotion on those who follow hard after Me. It is so important to be spiritually minded and have your mind disciplined to being in the spirit realm as much as possible. Be continually, constantly communicating with your spirit helpers. Know them more intimately, and they will be encouraged to whisper directions and guidance much more readily. Woo them with your love and your desire for them to be a part of your life. Make it more and more a teamwork. There is no need for you to ever work alone.  You will have more power and sustenance when you work together. So be more spiritually aware. Stir yourself and don’t succumb so easily to the distracting tactics of the enemy, which you know all too well now anyways. Why fall for it? Slice him at the start and boot him out. Don’t stand for his shenanigans. You should be stronger now and be able to resist much more quickly than before. You know his smell, so you know what to do. Your reflexes should be quicker and stronger now. Be not weary in well doing, for that is another of his tactics to get you off guard and lax. Cut him off before he pulls you down with that weariness trip. It is a ruse that he tricks you with. He’s getting you to look at the flesh, but that is surely not where it’s at, so don’t look at the flesh, My love. Stay fresh and alive and on fire through doing all the things you know to be doing. It’s the Keys! It’s Me! It’s My Word and your spirit helpers. Focus on the power. (End of Prophecy)



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