Faith is vital to using the keys and to being able to improve in your use of the keys. If you believe, then you will progress and learn quickly; if you lack faith and have doubts, then you will meet with frustration and obstacles. Faith is the substance of the miracles you hope for, through the keys, which you cannot see. (The Mysterious Keys – Part 3 #3599-1)


You have to believe that the keys have the power that you’re seeking, and you must manifest your faith through believing and concentrating, and not letting anything else come into your mind, no doubts, worries, or thoughts like, “I wonder if the keys are really going to do their work, and heal him or her?” Or, “What if they don’t work, and what if the situation doesn’t change?” You just have to determine to believe. Belief is vital to the keys working miracles for you. (The Mysterious Keys – Part 3 #3599-1)


All that I require now is for you to put more trust in the Keys; lean on them more heavily and exercise more trust and faith in them… Stand your ground, plant your feet firmly on the Keys of the Kingdom, and no matter what comes through that dark portal, do not lose hope in the Keys, for their power is equal and far beyond any demon, no matter what their size or what crafty witchery they may possess. (MB)

Every promise that I have given in the Words of David concerning the Keys waits for that faithful one to activate them through their belief in the reality of the Keys. Even if the Keys have been sitting unused for years, they will still burst into life at your touch. (MB)

It is obedience that will give you the great faith that you are now lacking–the faith to pull down the wonderful miracles I have promised, the faith to use the keys in the way they were really meant to be used, for those great and impossible situations where something supernatural is needed. It is this era of obedience that will bring the mighty manifestations of My power. In obedience to Me there is great faith, and great faith pulls down the things of the spirit. (Choices and Consequences, Part 1 #3484)


That’s what the Devil hates and fears the most: when you will access the full power of the keys in the future. That’s why he’s fighting so hard now, in these days of relative peace, to get you to doubt the keys and their power or to slack off in your practice drills. He trembles in fear at what’s to come as your faith grows and you become more practiced in your use of the keys.
It’s your faith in the keys being strengthened and your preparation for the days ahead that he wants to stop today. So if he can get you to minimize their power to the point where you don’t use them and they don’t become a part of your nature and way of operating, then he’s won a pretty big victory–a present victory because you won’t be defeating him as much today if you’re not using the keys, and a future victory as well. Even though you don’t clearly see the full power of the keys now, in time you will, and you can be sure the Enemy sees and knows and is sorely afraid of it.

(The Mysterious Keys – Part 1 #3472)

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The Keys are your weapon to wield. They have immense power, and they will not fail you. When you believe this, then you hold great power over the enemy. This is what he is sore afraid of. (MB).


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