(Jesus speaking:) You must remember that you are entering times such as have never existed in history, so your spiritual armor must be more impenetrable and your weapons must be more powerful than at any other time in history. Your training in their use and strengthening of your spiritual muscles and skill in handling these weapons must be more than any of My fighters throughout history as well. (Issues Pt. 16 #3450)

Part 1: User Manual for the Keys

You need to study My Word about the keys. That is the only way to truly understand them and grasp their power. You must study these Words, imbibe them, ask Me your questions, and regularly review what I have said. It would be helpful to memorize the key promises, and even some of what I have said concerning the keys. This will boost your faith and remind you of what the keys are for and what they can do and how to use them. (The Mysterious Keys Pt. 3 #3599-1)


The Keys Were Created for this Time

My Children of David, My prophets of the End, you are facing the darkest days this world has ever experienced. The world and you along with it are about to experience the final days of man’s rule on Earth. Fear not the things that must come upon the Earth. For I come with a fan in My hand, and I will fan the fires of tribulation. Man has turned his back on Me, his only salvation, and has instead trusted in the arm of the usurper. You have made the right choice; the world has made the wrong choice. The great falling away is complete. Now is the time of miracles, Key-powered miracles. (MB)

The forces of Satan have been pushed further into a corner and his choices are being very closely monitored and controlled. He feels the noose tightening and is raging mad. Now will he attack as never before; now is his last attempt to sway those Children of David still standing. Be not overcome, but overcome through the power and might of the Keys of the Kingdom. The Keys stand dominate over the kingdom of Satan. They are rock-solid, set in the Rock and nothing can overcome them or those who hold onto them in faith. This is the hour of the Keys. They were created for this hour, the last hour, as man rushes to the false savior and the creation of his own doings and sayings.

It won’t be very long now before the Key’s power will play an integral part in the overall war. That is why you are feeling the need to press in on learning as much as you can at this particular time; because before very long, they will be the prime weapon in this war to end all wars. In fact, without the Keys you will not be able to meet the forces of darkness head-on. (MB)

The night has fallen, so only the light of the Keys will give you the depth of sight needed to traverse the path ahead. The Keys will see you through the darkest parts of the night. They will be your light; they will be your guide. The Keys will light your way through the darkness of mystery and the unknown. You will not falter as long as you hold them high to throw their brilliant blue-gold light on your path. Hold up the light now; hold up the power of the keys, and it will enlighten the darkness that you see thickly in your way. It will dissipate as you shine the light of the keys on it, and you will see the way through the Great Tribulation. (MB)

I’ve got your very best interests at heart, and I’m here at your side to help you win. So of course I’m going to give you the best weaponry, the most powerful I have available for you, and I’ve given it to you through the keys of the Kingdom. The keys of the Kingdom are what you need to unlock the spiritual realm. (The Mysterious Keys Part 1 #3472)

As things start to happen, the power, anointing, and miracles will be there. I promised I would not leave you comfortless. Do you think that during the darkest days on Earth, I would leave you, My brides, without all that you need? Do you think that I would leave you without the protection and provision that you need to do the job? That protection and provision is in the keys I have given. (MB)

You are all I have on Earth, you, My Warrior Band, My people of the Keys. Your hour draws near now. Fall on Me. Fall on the Rock. Fall on the Keys, for they are vital to your becoming all that I have promised your Father you would be. (MB)

The Keys are powerful, My Word is powerful and I am powerful, but combined We are your vital companions in these last days. 

Please understand: the only exit from the days of Jacob’s trouble is Jesus and the Keys …or death. Pick them up now, because this is the End of ends. (MB)

My spirit is strong in these days of the Keys. Be a Key wielder and you will not only survive what is coming very, very soon, but you will be mightily used of Me right through to the day you leave this miserable Earth. (MB)



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You are all I have on Earth, you My Warrior Band, My people of the Keys. Your hour draws near now. Fall on Me. Fall on the Rock. Fall on the Keys, for they are vital to your becoming all that I have promised your Father you would be. (MB).

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