Even if you don’t see many of what you would consider real “miraculous” answers to prayer, or the kind of things you think the keys should be capable of and that I have promised they will do in time, please trust Me. This is a time of testing, a time of proving your faith, a time of honing your skills, a time of building habits. It’s a time of training in using the keys and learning how to wield them.
It’s like you’re a soldier in boot camp going through basic training, learning how to use your weapons and how to handle yourself in combat, so that when you’re sent out on the battlefield you’ll be a good soldier, you’ll know how to use your weapons, and you won’t be caught in the line of fire not knowing how to shoot your “gun.”
Think about a soldier in training: if he didn’t have his eyes on what all of his training was for or how powerful his weapons were, he could get pretty discouraged. Every day he’d be training with his gun, shooting at various targets, all the while being told what sort of accomplishment it will be when he shoots accurately at his enemy. It takes faith for him to believe that the weapon he’s learning to use will actually be so powerful, but when the time comes for him to engage in combat, it will quickly become shockingly clear. His constant, never-ending training in the use and maintenance of his weapon was probably pretty boring at times, and he may have wondered why he had to keep practicing over and over and over again, but the training continued. On the battlefield he’ll be glad he put faith in the gun‚ learned how to use it, and didn’t fritter away his time or give up because he didn’t immediately see the full results or the purpose of his training.
It’s much like it is now with the keys. You’re going through a period of training–learning more about this weapon of calling on the keys, making it more of a habit and your first reaction, and learning to be masters of key power. The keys are a very heavy responsibility and a powerful weapon, and that’s why I’m training you in their use. It takes time for you to learn to use the keys as you should, and the wisdom you gain through this time of training will prepare you to be a prayerful wielder of the awesome power when it’s fully released to you at the time appointed. It will be released to you when the time is right, when you’re a skilled key wielder, and in that time, you will be so thankful you didn’t give up, but kept up with your training even though you didn’t always see visible results. (The Mysterious Keys Part 1 #3472)

Every promise that I have given in the Words of David concerning the Keys waits for that faithful one to activate them through their belief in the reality of the Keys. Even if the Keys have been sitting unused for years, they will still burst into life at your touch. (MB).


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