Put Me to the test! Step out on the water! See if these things are true. Test Me! Test your keys! For it is only as you step out on the water and put Me and the keys to the test that I can pour down My full power and anointing upon you. I’ve given you the keys, but it takes this stepping out upon the water to fully release their power that I have given you.

Don’t hesitate and don’t wait! The time is now to begin stepping out on the water and putting Me and these promises to the test. I’ve given you greater openness to My truth, which will help to increase your faith. So don’t hesitate to act, for if you hesitate, the Enemy will seep in with his doubts and lies, and it will be difficult to have full faith in all of the promises that I’ve given to you. Don’t let go of these keys that I’ve given to you; use them now while they’re hot in your hand so that you can begin to experience their full power and anointing on your life.

Now that you have this powerful weapon, the keys to the weapon arsenal that you need to complete this mission, it’s up to you to step out and go forward in full faith, knowing that nothing can stand in your way. You should ask Me each day, “What obstacles can I overcome today? What difficulties can be solved? What miracles can be performed?” I will show you how to use the keys as you ask these questions. And as you use the keys to unlock the arsenal door, you’ll be amazed and overwhelmed by the power that I’ve given you! This power will blow away those obstacles, it will cause you to overcome those difficulties, and you will do miracles! So don’t hesitate to put your keys into action. Pray and ask Me right now how to use the keys, and follow through on My instructions. As you use the keys, My power will be unleashed and you will grow in faith. And as you grow in faith, these powers will be multiplied, and you will see that these things are true and that I have helped you to overcome. (More on the Keys! Part 5 #3359)


The more you think about the keys, the more you call on them, the more you use them, the clearer this spiritual power will become to you, and the more you will understand it. That’s what practice is all about. So learn to “play” the keys. Learn by practicing. Learn by getting a feel for them. There’s only one way to learn, and that’s to do it, to try it, to get hands-on practice. (The Mysterious Keys – Part 3 #3599-1)

The power of the keys will come as your faith grows, and your faith grows as you believe in them, and you prove your belief in them by using them. (MB)

(Jesus: ) To validate the keys in your own heart and mind, you must use them. For only in seeing them in action will you increase your faith in their power and be convinced of their importance in your life. You will not see the manifestations of the power of the keys unless you use them. They will not be validated in your heart and mind unless you use them. You must be convinced of their worth‚ their power, their strength, their usefulness, and what they are capable of! You must be convinced that the keys will do for you what I have promised, and the only way you can be convinced is to see them in action, to see them work, to see them bring miracles. (The Mysterious Keys – Part 3 #3599-1)

Claim the power of the keys. Concentrate. Focus. Believe and expect miracles. Ask Me your questions. If you wonder about something‚ ask Me. I will lead you as you practice calling on the power of the keys. As you go along, you will feel your faith and belief being strengthened. You will clearly feel the knowledge in your heart that the keys work‚ that they are powerful and that you have them at your disposal. As you begin to feel this sensation increase in your heart, you can know that your skill in using the keys of the Kingdom is also advancing, and that you are being prepared for the times to come when your life and service will depend on your ability to harness the power of the keys and to put them to use in your daily life. (The Mysterious Keys – Part 3 #3599-1)


I mean for you to use them at every opportunity! I want you to try them out, to seek Me for new ways to use them, to be continually calling on their power and using it all you can! The more you use them, the more you will grow to depend on the power of Heaven. It will become like an addiction, to the point that you will feel powerless without it. This is the way I mean for it to be–this is the way it must be in the days ahead. For the powers fighting against you will be increased, and the only way you will survive is to be so closely connected to Heaven’s power, so exercised in using it, so familiar with what it can do for you, and completely dependent on it, that you are literally one with the power of Heaven, one with Me! (The Mysterious Keys – Part 3 #3599-1)


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You hold the most powerful force in all existence in your hands. This force is not meant to be still; you must keep it active. There is no standing still in this war. You are either going forward or backward. If you don’t use the keys as I have ordained them to be used, then you can lose ground. There is stagnation and regression, both in the spiritual realm and in the physical. (Prayer primers)


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