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Of course you know that you are not going to get through the next couple of years, before Jesus returns, without His power. You know that your strength, money, intelligence and arm will fail you miserably. Just when you need all the power you can garner, it won’t be enough. This series of blogs shows the way through. The Gift of Heavenly Thought Power is the lifesaver, tailor made for the days of tribulation. MB.

The mind of God is powerful, and as you reject the thoughts and reasoning and conclusions of the world and put on My mind, My Heavenly thought power can then be activated within you. When you put on My mind you will have greater focus, greater perception, greater insight, greater wisdom, and true knowledge–for it will be the knowledge of God, not of the world, that controls you.

David was intrigued with this great power when he was with you on Earth. Yet at that time, little did he know that it would be necessary for Me to hand you this gift while you were still in the world, in order to see you through the Last Days; in order to help you know the thoughts and intents of men’s hearts; in order to help you perform miracles, wonders, and great feats in the Time of the End; in order to help you rise above the earthly and transcend it, to ascend to the Heavenly; in order to defeat the Antichrist forces, all powers of evil, and Satan himself. (Gift of Heavenly Thought Power #3377)

Prophecy: The power generated by you to defeat the forces of the enemy will be equal to how much you allow Me to possess you, how much you allow the power of God to flow through you. The power that flows out of you is your prayers, and your prayers are enhanced by the Keys, so use the Keys as much as possible. Use praise as much as possible. Allow the plasma stream of God’s Word to flow through you in full measure, and you will be those generators spoken of in this GN. (End of prophecy)

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“Spend as much time as possible in My Word. My Word is Me, and the more of it you have running through your mind and your thoughts, the more you will absorb My Spirit, and you will learn to recognize more clearly when something is or is not according to My Word.”


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