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And now, having humbled yourselves before Me and before each other, the hour is come. Therefore I anoint you to be holy, as I am holy, for you are a royal priesthood, a special people, a royal nation, called and chosen from the beginning to take the final stand for truth, to work the great works of Heaven, and to call down mighty miracles in these Last Days, such as the world has not seen since the beginning of time!

MB Prophecy: All that has gone before, all the tests, the struggles, the trials and revolutions have led you, My Warrior Band, to the final stand. There is a voice you hear that tells you, “What if the Master does not return as promised?” –You want to believe, but you are told that you must not put your faith on that hope. But without hope we are lost. Your hope, My loves, is to be in My unfailing Word. I have not lied to you, but remember do not rely on that rope around your waist. Do not rely on anything but My unfailing Keys. This is the final stand; do not doubt it. I will come through for each of you, just as I came through for your brother Job. Look around you now; all you see is the rock face of impossibility. Well, that is because you are not looking at the Keys. Remember, the Keys are Me and My Word. We are those vital companions that will give you everything you need to make the final stand.  Ask for My Keys to filter those voices you hear in the wind. The enemy is trying to drown out the voices of those that climbed this mountain before you. Call on Job and he will hand you the picket of Job 13:15. Drive it deep into this difficult situation and tell Me, “Though You slay me, yet will I trust in You, My lover and King.” Remember, this is the final stand; you are the last climbers for this era. You carry the Light of Israel in your backpack. That wind that snatches at you is trying to  blow out the flame. It is deep in your heart so it’s only recourse is to snatch you off the cliff face. Be bold and brave, My Warrior Band; as you believed in the Words of David and Maria, so believe in the Words that you hear as you listen on this deadly climb in this final stand for truth. (end of prophecy)

On this, the eve of this new era you are now entering, I sanctify you, My faithful brides. On this night, as the bell tolls, I consecrate you and dedicate you for further use, that My divine power may rest upon you in the days ahead. This is your destiny. I have set you apart from the beginning of time for this last great day. I have called you out of darkness that you might live in My light, shining with My glory and splendor before all the world in the Time of the End.

Long after the valley was in darkness I could still see the sun. There is more light on the mountain. The valley is almost always dark–full of people & things, but usually in darkness. The mountain is windy & cold but thrilling. You really have to have the feeling that it’s really worth dying for!–Any mountain–the mountain of this life, the mountain of accomplishment, the mountain of obstacles, of difficulty–if you’re going to climb them, they have to be worth dying for, to brave wind & cold & storm, symbolic of adversities. But on the mount alone, you feel so close to the Lord! The voice of His Spirit there is so loud it’s almost like it’s thundering! The voice of the multitude is so loud in the valley, you can’t hear the voice of God. The silence on the mountain peak is deafening! You get a real “high” on top of a mountain! It’s a thrill! It’s almost terrifying!

Of course, it’s extremely dangerous. You’re never so near the abyss as you are when you’re on the brink! One little misstep will end you right down at the bottom again. You’ll hit bottom so hard. Strange thing about mountain climbing–one reason that it’s so dangerous is it’s much easier to climb up than back down again. Once you’re up you may never get back–one of the prices you pay for climbing mountains. Most mountain climbers who were lost were lost in the descent because when you are climbing up, you can see where you’re going, but when you’re going down you can’t see. How many people who go back really see what they are getting into? They think they’re going back to the easy way, but they never realize what they’re getting into by going back. A terrible let-down! You have a peculiar feeling like you don’t want to leave the mountain, there’s no inspiration to going back down. Whereas there is a certain drive–almost a spiritual thing going up. You’ll risk anything. But going down?–No inspiration, no goal, no accomplishment. You’re just sliding back down into the slough–back into the morass of humanity & the mire of the multitude.” (Mountain Men #B)

Let this comfort your hearts, My children, that on the eve of the darkest night the world will ever know, you stand on the eve of your brightest day. Therefore receive the sacred consecration from My hand, that you might stand tall and strong and firm, nothing wavering, in these great days. Receive this holy consecration, that the mystery of My power, might and majesty might unfold before the world. All the prophets have dreamed of this day, wishing to behold the age of greater works and greater miracles than the world has ever known, from the beginning until now.

Therefore receive in Heaven’s name this consecration, My loves, that My full glory and power may rest upon you. And know, My brave ones, that all the principalities and powers in the Heavens stand in awe and in trembling on this day! For as the page is turned and this new era unfolds, My manifold wisdom will be known unto all men through you, My faithful and chosen and true.

In the days to come, the power of this consecration I place upon you now will be fully manifested. In the days ahead, the world will come to know My eternal purpose, as you, My faithful ones, stand strong in My Name and in the power and might of My strength, conquering evil.

Receive this holy consecration, My loves, with soberness of mind and heart, yet with great joy and gladness, that you might comprehend what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height of the power that I will pour through you. Receive now My Almighty fullness of power, that you might avail yourselves of the knowledge which passes all understanding.

Be sanctified unto Me, as I am sanctified unto you. Receive My fresh anointing of might and strength and power, for the days are at hand.

I now consecrate you for the day of greater works and the age of mighty miracles! As you bow down before Me, My children of David, I fill your hearts with courage. I fill your ears with wisdom. I gird your loins with strength, and I raise your arms in great victory!

My children, as I received the holy consecration from My Father on the eve of My greatest works, so it is given to you to receive My holy consecration on the eve of this new era. For truly this is your day–the day when you will shine with the brilliance of Heaven! This is your day–the day when you will perform great exploits in Heaven’s name! This is the day when you will stand in the power and might of Heaven, as witnesses to all the world! This will be the day of great wonders and amazing things as you stand prophesying to the nations, speaking the words of truth and freedom.

MB Prophecy: Do not doubt these Words. They are from those that came before you and are the stepping stones that raised you to the heights where you now find yourselves. Do not analyze these Words. If you do, the fierce wind of the enemy will then snatch away these very Words that come from My throne this hour. These Words that you hear now were crafted in the forges of Heaven, and the fires that forged them are the very fires of purging and purifying that you have passed through up until this very time. We are as a team of mountaineers, strung together on this section of cliff face called “The Final Stand for Truth”, The rope of My will, which is your destiny, is tied around our waists. This is all that attaches you to the climber before and behind. Apart from that, you climb alone with only those accessories that I gave you at base camp. The rope of destiny is in case you slip. It is My will that the others be given the strength to break your fall, but if all else fails, I am at the head and I have the strength to support the whole team. But, My brave mountain man, you must not fall. You must do all you can to secure yourself to the rock face and keep climbing. These Words are the New Wine I told you to sip. This Wine is the very elixir of Heaven that is given only to those who have reached these heights. I have never lied to My Children of David. I test and I try. I purge and I purify, for if I didn’t, you would not be here today listening to these Words of encouragement. I know you are young and want to be free, and I promise that freedom such as you have never experienced –even in the days before you left My side on your quest– will be yours when you reach the top of the mountain. Do not allow the enemy to tell you Heaven is no better than earth, for that is a lie. Yes, there are a multitude of mountains to climb in the Heavenly realm, just as there are in the earthly realm. But you are becoming master climbers, and you will look at these Heavenly mountains with relish. I promise you: every desire of your heart will be fulfilled when you enter those gates in victory. I promise that all Heaven will open to you. All the secrets of the universe will be yours because you held on now and did not look back. I love you, forever and beyond. (end of prophecy)

(Jesus prays:) Father, the hour is come; glorify these as You have glorified Me, that Your power may be known to all the world. As You gave Me power over all flesh, so I give these greater power for the days ahead. As You glorified Me on Earth, so I would that You glorify these also, that they might finish that which they’re called to do.”


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