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Contrary to the belief of many, we are the Last church, “WE are It!” ML#2222. Look at those numbers! Oh Jesus, I love Your kisses, Your touch!

It is understood that Daniel 9:27 is the verse that Jesus said we should go to if we want to understand the period of tribulation – if we want to know what is happening. “Matthew 24:15 When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand). This verse is pointing to Daniel 9:27…and that is quite significant. So what is the tribulation for? It is to bring an end to the rule of man on Earth. And the church plays a big part in that. God made a covenant with His people right from the very beginning – Adam and Eve.

Question: Are we only talking about the second layer now?

Yes, it is all about the second layer, the one between God and man. And that covenant is like a set of rules. When you write a covenant, you write a set of rules, and each, I wouldn’t say generation, but each age that the church passed through, there has been a covenant made or written. God wrote it or spoke it with man in attendance. God kept His part; He honored His Word, but inevitably the church broke it. Okay, so let’s put aside the greater church for a minute and focus on David and his children. David was called out of the system by the Key of David, the main thing or clause in the Lord’s agreement with David, and all covenants for that matter, was ‘come out from among them’, come out and don’t mix yourselves with all these, I’m not going to say sinners, because we are all sinners, but come out from all these corrupt tribes or groups of people, Egypt, the world, if you will. That has been the main emphasis to every covenant and to each generation, to keep ourselves for Him, as we are His bride.

God is saying: “I can’t really start something as long term as eternity, without the right people, without the right bride. I don’t want My bride to be unfaithful, I need her to be faithful to Me, not because of My power, not because I am a King, no, just because of Me, I AM. That’s what I’m looking for.” And He tests every generation. He never broke the covenant, but the church did, His bride did. They were the unfaithful ones.

So along comes David, and what does God do? He calls David out of the system. ‘You have been too long asleep in the system, David.’ This is from The Key of David:  

I SEE A PICTURE OF DAVID ASLEEP, entombed as it were in the System! Above his head hangs the harp of the Spirit of God that plays the music to which his soul responds. “Upon which I the Lord thy God strike the chord which draws instant response from thy heart and brings thee instantly alive–the tone signal that activates thee and brings thee to life to serve thy people. O David, thou hast been too long entombed. O Moses, thou hast wandered in the wilderness too long with My Children! Too long thou hast kept David buried, entombed in the System and the old ideas! But I have awakened thee through the Key of David, and thou hast awakened and led My Children–My People–to freedom!”(Key of David).

The Lord said: “Come out!” and David came out. What was the agreement, the covenant, God made with David? It was the Words of David; This is how I want you to live; this is what I expect from you. The covenant of the Words of David is a set of rules but is also full of wonderful promises. But we broke it. Look at all the Maria letters, look at all the David letters. Look at all the different revolutions that had to happen because we were unfaithful in this and unfaithful in that. It was also a sifting of sorts, until finally the Reboot came along…we broke the covenant. It was broken, the Words of David were broken and cast aside as not the Words of God but the words of man.

So where does that leave us? It leaves us with amending ourselves, being faithful with what God has given us, the Words of God through the mouth of David our king, prophet and priest, and the first and foremost clause is to come out from the world of unbelievers. And from the Law of Love down we are to do our best to obey the New Wine that was given through David’s mouth as well as the Words of Maria –the written covenant– to the best of our ability, under whatever circumstances we find ourselves in. But we are certainly not to disregard them, rewrite them, throw them away or burn them. That is called breaking the covenant  of Daniel 9:27, in the midst of the last week. We are talking about the second-layer covenant that has been very recently revealed to us. The first layer is for the world, or should I say, for those that are in the world at the time of the Great Tribulation.

So what is the significance?

In Matthew 24:15, Jesus said to go there and understand. That’s significant in itself. There is something He wants you to understand, something that you must understand, now that we are in the midst of the week, before the Great Tribulation begins. On the surface, Daniel 9:27 tells us that the Antichrist is going to make a covenant for one week and then break it. That doesn’t really take understanding. What takes understanding, and is only revealed by using the Key of David, is the second layer. The second layer is telling us that there was another covenant made between God and man, and that it too was broken, which gives a deeper reason for judgment. God is justified.  

Let’s read the verse, and find the keyhole – there is something hidden behind that door. “When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand)”. People come along and they interpret Daniel 9:27 and they think they understand it, and to a point they do, but they don’t see the second layer. It is hidden from all eyes and ears, until the Key of David is struck. There isn’t just a covenant with the Antichrist but there was also a covenant with God. And yes, it is about the last week – the last seven years.

Let’s read it: Daniel 9:27 “And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.”

Basically, the first layer is speaking of the Antichrist, and the mainstream interpretation is that the AC will make a covenant that will last seven years, but in the midst or middle of that seven years, the covenant will be broken, and the sacrifice will cease. But what sacrifice? The old mainstream interpretation says that it is lamb sacrifice. And, without the temple there is no lamb sacrifice. That’s the teaching, so we need a temple before the lamb can be sacrificed, an old archaic law when you look at Jesus’ new law of the Spirit. But the hidden one is a covenant between God and His people. That stands to reason because the Bible is full of dual meanings, hidden codes. The idea goes along with the temple becoming spiritual to the New Testament believers. Surely, you remember when Jesus said: “Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up again.”

God did, in fact, make a covenant with His people, more than one in fact. Yet they would consistently break them, so He would rewrite it for the next generation, a new age, a new church, and, finally, now, the last church, the new nation the new church. This is what is inferred in the MO letter “Old Church New Church” and actually said in: 

“We Are It”

(Prophecy:) “Thou art indeed the LAST NATION upon the face of the Earth, & the Lord thy God hath been pleased to dwell in thee! Therefore, I am not ashamed to be called thy God, for thou art a chosen people, & thou shalt bring honor unto My Name. Thou shalt cause many nations to turn unto the Lord thy God!–Even the hearts of their fathers unto thee, & their children that do worship Me shall drink & be satisfied!

For THIS is the PEOPLE that I have chosen! THIS is the NATION that I have chosen! And I will place My Name there–the true & Holy City! Thou art blessed above ALL peoples on the face of the Earth, & thou art blessed above all nations of all times, for all of these things are fulfilled in THEE, O My Beloved! `For ye are a CHOSEN GENERATION, a ROYAL PRIESTHOOD, an HOLY NATION, a PECULIAR PEOPLE; that ye should shew forth the praises of Him Who hath called you out of darkness into His marvelous Light!”–1Peter 2:9. 

Contrary to the belief of many, we are the Last church, “WE are It!” ML#2222. …Look at those numbers! Oh Jesus, We love Your kisses, Your touch!

It is important to understand that those words are a statement from God. We are the last church. However, the other things He says in that letter have a hidden meaning, and that is, we are expected to live up to the titles. So, the Words of David are the new covenant given to the new church – the final church, the last church, the remnant of the full body of Christ, the total church.

Question: So what about the abomination being set up in the temple? Wouldn’t that have something to do with the breaking of second-layer covenant?

Yes. But Jesus said that the old is past, now the temple is spiritual. You are the temple, and worship is in the heart. So Jesus spiritualized it all. So what do the children of David believe? What do the Words of David teach about this subject?

Answer: That it will all happen around the building of a 3rd temple.

No, that isn’t what Dad taught in the Words of David – that’s the thing. Dad taught that, yes, but only because that’s what he was taught that by the mainstream churches and other pastors. I’ve said this many times. It was what he was taught as a young pastor brought up in the mainstream churches, which God told him to come out of. It wasn’t until he was either asleep or really desperate with the Lord that he received a direct revelation, like what we find in the “What If” series, where he said,  “What if the temple is spiritual?” Actually, that’s not such a big revelation really, when you understand or realize that that is what Jesus had said two thousand years ago to a Samaritan woman.  

Here is what Dad said in the MO letter “Daily Sacrifice”: “All I know is this, & all I can tell you is this, that as I was reading your question & praying about the answer, a very shocking answer came to me, totally unlike the above teaching, totally different but almost totally aligned with events which are presently taking place! Now you might think I’ve really gone wild in my imagination! But all I know is I was deep in prayer, “Lord, what’s the answer?”, & this is what came to me: [They] have already resumed their sacrifices, & we are it!” This, by the way, is just an example, there are others. Many times God had to get Dad in the Spirit in order to get him out of his naturally analytical-minded self… Dad confessed that himself.

This is not David following some teaching he received from the mainstream church; this is the Endtime prophet receiving instructions from the Holy Ghost of God. This is the main reason why I believe in the spiritual interpretation.

Question: But you can’t really define what the abomination is when the interpretation is spiritual.

Answer: Yes, you can, because the abomination is in your heart.

Question: But it says that you will see it, so how can you define that when it is in your heart?

Answer: I was going to say that I can see the corruption in this world. I know by what I see that their hearts are not toward God. I can see these churches, well, they call themselves churches, but they are nothing but temples of Baal worshiping, not our God; they are worshiping something else. They worship the God of money. It’s Mammon worship. Take money out of the equation and these temples of Baal will be no more. The corruption is there, the abomination is already in the heart of man. They do not follow. They say they follow the ten commandments; no, they don’t, they are liars. They say they follow the Words of Jesus, they don’t. Jesus never said to go to a church building or build them or go after mammon the way these people do. It’s all about money, the whole system is corrupt. The Words of David tells us that the church is part of the worldwide commercial system.

So I guess the question is, what is God waiting for?

When the destruction of the holy people is complete, when the Antichrist system has finally made war with the holy people and overcome them, then it is finished. This is what He’s been waiting for. And who are the holy people? They are God’s people. Has that happened? …Yes. What was the final one? Who was the last one according to the Words of David, the Words of God? –We are the last church; you just read that. And at the very end, the last church finally succumbed. That is when it is done, over. Then the Great Tribulation will start. 

This is what we are looking at; this is what I believe is the significance of 2022. The Reboot happened, and finally this year, in October, the last church said, “This is our decision: Burn the books.” This is not coincidental; it took 12 years to come to that decision. So the significance is this: if we are looking at the second layer of Daniel 9:27 as being a covenant that was broken by God’s people at the beginning of the last three and half years, and the Words of God through His prophet David said we are the Last Church, then this book burning may very well be the breaking of the covenant that we are trying to explain in the second, hidden layer of Daniel 9:27.

Take it or leave it, but it doesn’t really matter whether we take it or leave it, because the Great tribulation is going ahead with or without our understanding.

The only thing I would concern yourself with is to ascertain in your heart whether or not you are going to follow the Words of David, which means the Maria letters, the New Wine with all the revelations therein, and make a dash for high ground…spiritual high ground. 

This is a significant event –or revelation. Call it what you will, but there is just too much in the Words of David to ignore. The Words are part of our DNA.

This is what the blog yesterday was trying to give us an understanding of. We are the last church, the Philadelphia church. When this decision was made to burn the books, then the End began.


In conclusion

Every church or group of believers, for example the Baptists, Salvation Army, etc., received a call to come out. Each group had their leader or prophet that saw something (a covenant) that inspired them to make the break, just as what happened with David. However, in time, each group cooled down and were assimilated back into the system. They didn’t remain separate; time was the great tester, and as each generation passed, the following generations moved back into the world, just as did the Children of David.

Something is different this time; the prophecies of David tell us that there will not be another church. We are the last; we are it. The end of the road has come. Jesus is coming to harvest the fruit.

The covenant that David made with God was the final covenant, and the Family’s last test, before the final days were to begin in earnest, was the Reboot. This was the final sifting. It was time to float our faith –according to your faith be it done unto you. We all now know where we stand. As much as we understand or know about, it appears that some Family members went into the system and forsook their former beliefs; some joined the system churches. Then some remained with TFI and others held onto the Words of David. The breaking of the final covenant was accomplished in October this year when the “Very Important Announcement” was delivered by TFI. In essence it said the books must be burned. This was the breaking of the covenant David was given from God when he received the Call of David.

I believe that the breaking of this final covenant that was given to the last church, is the Holy Covenant which is underpinned in code in the Book of Daniel. I also believe that this breaking was timed to unfold at the middle of the last seven years. To clarify, the covenant of the Antichrist is a unholy covenant, a counterfeit. It is what the world sees and understands, but a much more important covenant that runs parallel to the the AC covenant is the covenant that God has made with His bride.

Now there are only two groups of believers, the true church and the Laodicean church. The true church is, by what is being said in Revelation, formed by two churches: Philadelphia and Smyrna. The rest have compromised and gone back into the world and become cold or lukewarm. The breaking of this final covenant by the last church, signals the beginning of the last 1,260 meters that is to be run in the Endtime arena by those called and chosen few from these two churches.


Psalm of David #152

“Heed thou and hearken therefore to My servant, for this is that David whom I have spoken of for the Last Generation-the Prophet for this Age-the one that shall carry the lambs in his bosom and give them suck and shall cherish them and nourish them.

These are the remnant of Israel and these shall be the last, upon whom the ends of the Earth are come. These are they whom are blessed above all generations, in whom all things I have spoken are fulfilled. For this is the fulfillment of all generations to prepare the way of the Lord and make His paths straight for His coming!

These are they of which I have spoken and these are they upon whom are fulfilled all the words of My Prophets of all generations. These are the little ones, the sheep of My pastures and the flocks of My Folds who have suffered above all generations and who run after that which I shall give them.”


Prophecy, October, 2022

“Now that the treaty, the holy covenant, that was signed by those who took up the Flame of Revolution, which your father David ignited in 1968, has been broken, the final pieces of My Endtime puzzle will now fall into place. This very important TFI announcement (the official book burning of the Words of David) is yet another key that was awaiting its call to fulfill its purpose. The delivery of this document is as another key being inserted into the Final Key. The enemy sees this “peace treaty” as a victory for him and his kingdom, but it is not. Those that remain, My Gideon’s band, those whom I call My elites because of the life they live for Me, because of their choice to raise the banner of David even higher, will now take their places at the front of the battle. These little ones are called and chosen to represent the forces of David within My greater army of the End. I tell you plainly, the purging and making white of those called-out ones was the reboot years from 2010 until the breaking of this covenant. It is done, My loves. Take your places. Those that remain have chosen their places either with the “greater army” (the reserve army of church Christians) or with the world. Go now, because My Kingdom has just gone into war economy. All efforts are now focused on the front line of battle. The horn has been blown. Dash out those camp fires; take your last bite of camp rations and mount your steeds of the spirit in preparation for My soon arrival. To war, beloved. The final battle is about to begin.”

I would not be surprised if the Great Tribulation was timed to start in October, 2022.


The Podcast below is from this blog. The Podcast has a lot more detail than is shared in the blog edition, so I would recommend downloading it. MB.

Ezekiel 34:25 And I will make with them a covenant of peace, and will cause the evil beasts to cease out of the land: and they shall dwell safely in the wilderness, and sleep in the woods.”



July 05, 2021—frozen book

“This is the beginning of a new story, a new adventure has begun; the old family has frozen over, iced in by withholding more than is meet, a history book that can’t be opened again. My once beautiful secretary, the one I trusted with all My treasures has cooled off. Having shut off the flow of light, it dimmed to a point and she didn’t remember to put the key into the hole, to bring light to the rest of the tunnel. She and others locked My Words away and refused to give them out again. Yes My loves, you have to be nervy to break the ice and skate away to the beautiful lake of new wine.  But you My loves, My hot sexy wanting more brides were born inside the vault, you were born in and born out of the Words of David, you have your own keys, as does everyone that are called Children of David. You are going on a trip with dad in spirit, with just a small pile of diamonds from his hand to guide you; these have set you on your new course. A sad ending you say, but It can only be this way, for there is nothing left in the physical realm anymore,(Crash letter) everything is now in the spirit, the Keys are spiritual, the things that you need to survive come from the light within My tunnel, My wilderness. Many many more spirits are gathering around you now, the ice wall, the veil is melting, it is breaking and turning into new wine, the spirits are vying for their time to speak, to show the way; they are bursting with new wine, many colors and shades and tints, more than My earthly bow that spans the horizon are the colors of My new wine. You have the keys to the back door, use them; step out into a new day. If you hold to the old, the frozen book, you will not reach your destiny, the light will fade and this generation will pass into darkness with you. Yours is to keep moving forward, those around you must follow in the darkness, or be left in darkness as you move ahead. But if you insert the key at the right time and place, the light will come as promised in the dream and prophecy Kaye shared with you, and they will see. Yes the light will come and those that are around you will see and know that they are following the light. My Children of David are spirit children, they are unseen to each other, they know of the others around them but that is not the important issue; for now they truly know that it is the light that reveals the safe way ahead on and through the dark tunnel of My will. They all have their Key rings, they all have others around them in the tunnel of My will, all they have to do is remember to put in the Key at the right moment and light will come to those they travel with.”


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