What happens Before Jesus returns

“Everyone is hoping it will improve; that world conditions will improve and then they can all pick up from where they left off. But you see, it’s not going to happen like that –is it? Many people know this fact, because deep in their hearts the Lord has been preparing them and speaking to them about what is coming: that in fact what is coming is not good at all. The Bible teaches and your Father David has taught for most of his days on earth as the leader of My Endtime movement, that the Great Tribulation is coming and will transpire during your lifetime on earth. 

The news will only get worse from here on in. It has not improved over the years; it has gotten worse week by week. The Elites’ plans are being enacted by men and women of this world that truly do not care for anything but their own pleasure and as long as they can play and have fun and enjoy the fruits of this system they will continue to live selfishly  –to themselves and for themselves. Great suffering is coming My dear ones, much much more suffering, war, bloodshed, and inhumanity will sweep this world and run totally out of control as the authorities that have the power to do something to stop it will run out of resources and  willpower to stop it.

As each day passes, you and the world draw closer to the revelation of the Antichrist. He is close, but still a little ways off. He is planning, scheming and making ready his grand entrance. His plan will be brilliant; it will bring hope and peace, albeit temporarily, to the world, and they will love him for bringing this false utopia to their miserable, fearful lives. Your job as prophets has already begun, and as the weeks and months pass, the pressure will increase; the need to be the Lord’s mouthpieces will weigh heavily upon you.

So you see, these days of preparation are vital, essential for what is coming and what will soon be upon you. Keep pressing your family to prepare in spirit. There is little you can do in the physical except obey the spiritual laws and follow hard after the Word and the things of the spirit. Your obedience to His voice will bring down your physical needs and security. You may have noticed that there are certain leaders running amok right now. They are all programed to behave a certain way for certain endgame results within the greater board of play. Don’t be deceived, thinking that they are playing independent games, as if they were so concerned about the welfare of their respective countries. They do not play for their countries; they are rather being played by the master and are in sync with the overall strategy.

The Antichrist is far advanced and is playing very skillful chess; resistance is low now. Those that presume to stand up against his united onslaught are put out of action or annihilated. Resistance is very difficult at best, futile at worst. Do not be dismayed for it is written that the beast will overcome the saints in war. In the war of strategy, he holds all the major players and all the major positions. Anyone who presumes to think that there is a way to fight city hall is deceived. They do not understand God’s Word or His overall plan. They think He does not see or hear, or is just disinterested with the childish games of man.

Jesus Speaking: The carnal mind of man is foolishness; his wisdom is foolish to Me. I see, I hear and I care greatly.  I am acting in a way that will bring about the overall best results in the lives of all mankind. I am coming soon; do not doubt this fact. It is written. Satan is playing a losing game; he cannot win. He is simply not intelligent or powerful enough. The weapons of his warfare are carnal, destructive, non-productive, whereas Mine are productive, reproductive, eternal and based in My love for My creation. We will win, My dearest brides, but first man must see that his ways are futile. The spirit of man is strong; it is what is sustaining him at the moment. Many will be part of the opposition of those that want to rule the world; they will fight on, but they will not prevail. Many lives will be lost as the final act comes into play. My Word says that the Antichrist will make war with the saints, not only does that mean the saints of this dispensation, but it also means the saints of the next dispensation, the Millennial saints, those that will live on into the Millennium, those that will see that taking Me and My plan is the best course of action. Not much in that respect will change, Satan has planted many foul seeds in My garden, and the job ahead is enormous. There’s a whole millennium of work ahead of us, My loves.

GIRD UP AND BE READY…an end time post (link)

“As each day passes, you and the world draw closer to the revelation of the Antichrist. He is close, but still a little ways off; he is planning, scheming and making ready his grand entrance. His plan will be brilliant.”



They Got The Money

Why fight city hall? No need when you have Jesus as your King. It’s good to know He is in control, even if all seems to be out of your control.






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