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VOLCANO IN THE CAPITAL…December 18, 2022

I had a very short dream about the capital of this country. In the dream, it was built around one side of a huge volcano. We were standing very far away watching this volcano venting plumes of smoke and ash, when suddenly the mountain exploded! Some of the people with me were wondering out loud if the capital side of the mountain was exploding. I thought that was a strange thought because you could see that it was a huge volcanic eruption. Who could survive an eruption like that?  

Prophecy: It’s collapsing! –and if you know anything about volcanoes, when the mountain collapses it is because it is caving into the core as the core pushes up and out –first the imploding and then the push up and out. Man has stretched the tensile limits in all ways. The mountain is imploding and this dream is showing you the soon-to-happen results. The more you pray, My loves, the sooner the end will come. Pray for the pig to implode and explode and diminish in the minds of all whom it is My will to set free. When it comes the time for you to go to that city sitting on a smoldering volcano, you will know if it is safe or not. We will give you every indication that it is safe or no. Man has filled his cup, and as My Word says, when the transgressors are come to the full, then a king of fierce countenance will stand up. This king, as you know, has been revealed and now is the time for him to make his stand. Being far off is not representative of your living-distance from the capital. In the dream it means you being far off in the spirit. You are no longer near Jordan’s shoreline, but instead you have moved much deeper into the wilderness and are now watching events unfold from My realm. You look around and you see the things of the world surrounding you, but the reality is that you are looking out at the world from within the Kingdom of God. In a relatively short time the veil will dissipate and those from this realm that mingle with you will begin to appear, in vague forms or short flashes at first, but as the world falls deeper into perdition, so will their manifestations become more tangible. The Keys are also increasing in power; you have been faithful to practice and believe without seeing great miracles, now the time of blessing will come. The Keys will begin to manifest themselves in open display. You will also catch glimpses of them in action. Be still now and ponder these things in your hearts. My promises are contingent on your obedience, so keep on believing, trusting and obeying those that whisper to you as you walk in the power of the Keys.  


And here is a neat Key to use in your prayers. Thomas shared it with me just today.

“While I was praying desperately with the keys, claiming the Key promises against the enemy’s attacks, I asked the Lord to show me a heavy-duty weapon Key to use. He led me to Luke 11:20. “But if I with the Finger Of God” —-The FINGER OF GOD – WOW! What a Key!  It stood out to me, that was a key the Lord used whilst on earth. With the finger of God in one hand and the finger of David in the other hand, sock it to em! –with the Key of David and the Key of the Finger of God. The pointing of the fingers is an important act of Faith.”

“Not availing yourself of the assistance of your spirit helpers is like refusing a sharp, two-edged sword of the spirit, and insisting on fighting the battle with your own two hands. (ML 3443)”


I sent this dream to a friend and the next day he sent me an article dated on the same day. Here’s the headlines with a link for those that might be interested in the imploding volcano.

‘It’ll blow like Vesuvius’: Euro €1trn debt volcano to erupt and ‘wipe out German economy’

THE EU is sitting on a huge debt “volcano” that everyone pretends is dormant but is preparing to erupt with destructive force, a top analyst has warned.

By Harvey Jones

Ghana to default on most external debt as economic crisis worsens

By Christian Akorlie and Cooper Inveen

ACCRA, Dec 19 (Reuters) – (This Dec. 19 story has been corrected to fix debt figures in first chart)

Ghana on Monday suspended payments on most of its external debt, effectively defaulting as the country struggles to plug its cavernous balance of payments deficit.

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