shall not be reckoned among the nations



Numbers 23:9 For from the top of the rocks I see Him, and from the hills I behold Him; lo, the people shall dwell alone, and shall not be reckoned among the nations.


“Strengthen your brethren. These amazing ones have heard the call and heeded. They stopped in their tracks that were leading nowhere. Having  fallen in the slough of despair, they saw the power of the light shining on the side of Heaven and put behind them the old, dying, empty world –their old life. As they desperately reached up to Faith, she took their hands and pulled them out of the cesspool and set them on their path again. They reached into their pockets and felt something pulsating and warm to their touch and felt the rush of affection for a long-lost friend and companion…the Keys of the Kingdom. As they caressed them, they again realized the power they held in their hands and that they had keys that could open any door. And how did they find these keys in the first place?…through the Words of David, the Endtime Prophet, a man who has been vilified and maligned and even dethroned by his own wife and Family! Few see and believe –beyond a few bedraggled, crazy insane believers. They don’t care because they know the truth. They have been given the truth, and they believe with all their hearts that David was anointed and that he truly was who I said he was! He was My mouth; he spoke My oracles. I promised him I would reveal the number of years & even the number of days of the things which are to come. I will not lie unto My servants the prophets. This is your lamp to light your path. Hold tight to these words. Hold tight to the Keys. You will find the hidden secrets. Trust and believe.”


“But little David with but a single pebble going forth in the power of My Might and the inspiration of My Wisdom and the Strength of My Faith didst conquer the giant and put them all to shame and saved MY Kingdom!”  (Prophecies of David! [#1363])

(Prophecy continues) “You, whom I have raised up, are as My little Davids, and although your task now of raising the bones of the Children of David seems daunting, you have the mantle of David. You may feel alone; you may be alone. You may feel that you are having little effect. You may feel old and slowed down, or you may feel in your youth that you have missed out on normal life experiences of having your own spouse and children or friends. You may feel hopeless and good for nothing. You may feel you’ve missed the boat. You may feel condemned for turning back and getting yourself in a pickle and losing precious time. You may be in AC territory, but My precious Children, you are here –in the circle of the Elite, and I am placing you right where I want you to be. When you are in the center of My will, then you have nothing to fear. All you have to do is follow My instructions, and I will keep you safe. You appear little in your own sight and good for nothing, but you are just perfect for Me! I love it that you have again turned your face up towards Me. One child of David is as 10,000 ordinary men, so as you pick up your weapons again, you are of inestimable value. Obedience and faith, that is the key now, and My keys of leadership and shepherding will fall on you. Hold these tight, for you will be much used in the strategic places across the globe where I have placed you –to help many lost find Me in these last dying hours. You have been called to raise the bones, My brave, courageous ones.  So stand tall to meet the challenge as I and Dad and Gideon, as well as many spirit helpers, the keys and prophecy, lead and guide you.  Be My conduits; open your vessels and let Me fill them. For you, the Children of David, are responsible to herald My coming and all the events that come before that long-awaited moment. Hold on; stay the course, My beloveds. I am with you. I will always be with you, My little Davids.” xxx (End of prophecy)


“IF THOU CANST NOT BEAR THIS LITTLE, what shalt thou do when I shall speak unto thee continually as the Prophets of old? But in that hour thou shalt be concerned with nought but My voice & My leading, moment-by-moment, & thou shalt do nought but listen & obey!”  (Prophecies of David! [#1363])






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