Your Will or His

(Jesus:) “Not My will, but thine be done.”  Those were the words I prayed on the day of My death. So even I, the Son of God, had My own will. I too was bound and dragged away to be killed. I know your frame, that you’re weak, that you’re but clay and mud, but I also know that you’re more than just a shell of mortal clay. You’re a weak earthen vessel, yes… but within your clay walls have I placed a portion of My own spirit, a door to the realm of God. I have placed within you who say yes to Me a seed of desire, a cord that shall never be broken. I have bound your heart with a cord, and though your flesh is weak, your spirit is willing. I have allowed your weaknesses that I might be strong in you. For though I bind you with fetters and you are well-nigh forced to die, yet are you bound of your own free will, for you asked Me to bind you that you might die. For though the flesh bucks and kicks, in your heart we are drawn closer together day by day. We’re two magnets separated but for a time, now inseparably drawn together. Yes, this death is not your will, but I will help your unbelief because of your desire. You’re Mine, and I am forever yours.

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