USED sparkling river of life

Prophecy Excerpts about the River of Life

“The river flows throughout creation, through every being. It is akin to the keys, except the keys have to be called upon before they are activated. They work for true believers, unselfish users. The River of Life can be used also. Spiritual communication and the River of Life work hand in hand. Messages and even your own spirit can travel on this river or in this river. The concept is a lot like what Jamal (Journey To Tricon) was visualizing when he spoke of God’s Spirit being like a super highway of links and portals and hyperlinks. The more aware you are of the river and the more comfortable you are with using it, the more easily you will slip into its waters and begin utilizing its spiritual wonders. It is a safe vehicle to travel in also. It is the Spirit of God after all. Use it, practice using it, and learn to safe travel in your world of increasing madness and mad people. Use it to search out the lost and those whose faith is trembling.”



“And more—why am I teaching you the importance of listening to the still, sometimes very still, small voice.? That is because when the big ones come along in the not too distant future, they are going to be wild and unbelievable. John’s spirit story is a good example of the wild suggestions I am talking about here. So in learning to hear the small ones now, we are helping you for then. You are doing better, you are learning and growing in this area, but we need you to go deeper. We need a more solid link. It has to be as a highway to your soul, a river. Yes, it must be the River of Life flowing through every molecule of your being, as much a part of you as breathing. Practice to obey, dear love; practice to obey what you hear, even the slightest, most insignificant of suggestions, for they are all coming from us these days. And if you come across a thought that to you seems questionable, then quickly ask again and the answer will come as quickly. Instant communication is the key.”



“The decisions you have made in this life, in the flesh, have such eternal value, the mind cannot even begin to imagine a speck of what I am planning for each one of you that have put Me first in your life on earth. You are so concerned about the daily grind and earth problems you face; but when you stop and go into the river of your soul and swim with Me in the pools of prophecy, it is then that you begin to see another reality, a new reality. This man-made façade that surrounds you is made in such a way that it can only contain the flesh; even then, it does a poor job, because the flesh is rarely satisfied, rarely happy with itself and its surroundings. But the world of man can never contain, much less bring a gram of fulfillment to the spirit. The more you pass through the door of your heart and down the stairs of your soul and into the pools and warm flow of the River of Life, the more heavenly minded you will become. The closer in spirit we become, the more instantly you will be assimilated into the heavenly life when your flesh finally gives up the ghost and you are free once again to resume your life in the City of Love. But what a life you will have then, My love doves, a new life having accomplished all that you said you wanted to accomplish, but most important of all, having learned the lesson of faith, faith to believe in Me without evidence and to forsake the earth life to gain something better. This is a great treasure, a priceless pearl that cannot be valued in earth currency, for there is nothing on earth that comes anywhere near the value of the pearl of great price. To sit in My courts, not as an invited guest, but as My bride and wife and lover, is something only the earth life can give you full appreciation for. You cannot imagine; you can only anticipate the wonders and glories that await you in our City of Love. Even when you have finally passed through the gates, your eyes will not at first accept what they see; your mind will only be able to take in small amounts of the wonders and richness of the city’s ground floor alone. The vastness will daze you, the flora and fauna will simply mystify you. If it weren’t for those sent to escort you to your destination within the city, you would more than likely wander the floor for days and even then only go a short distance.”



“The flood of lies that pours forth from his throne is as his River Stynx, the river of death. Get out now and swim into the River of Life and breathe deeply of the waters of life eternal. The sirens of Satan play their tunes to those whose ears are dull, whose hearts are numbed by his poisonous darts. Swim now, his fishermen are everywhere. There are nets and lines and fishing darts on every bank, in every pond, lake and stream.

Behold the Key of David; Behold your Key to the wilderness, take it and flee, for the time of wrath has come. Close your ears to Satan’s tunes and lyrics, his advertising and sensational nonsense. He is closing down all resisters and all alternative routes. Those that have held open those doors are now locked themselves behind the very doors they  thought were escape routes. Spirit or flesh, there is only one way, and that is spirit. These Words that I speak unto you this day are spirit and life. Swim now, leave the Stynx behind and take the tributary back to where you came from those many years ago. There is a lake of pure water waiting for you, where lies the source of all that is good. All you have to do is follow the trail of strange truths. Start with this one and you will find your way back home where the Father is waiting with open arms to receive you, your friends, family and loved ones.”



“Tara is the Queen of Heaven, my love, She is where all this that we see and care about issued from. She is part of the Trinity –Father, Son and Tara, the Holy Mother…the Womb of God…She is incomprehensibly beautiful, very sexy and is love itself. The Light of Tara is irresistible to all those that feel its presence. That is one reason why Satan turns his back on Tara and seeks the darkness. The Light of Tara is predominately blue and gold, but also blended in are all the colors of the rainbow, plus many more that are nonexistent in the material realm. The Light of Tara is music and resonates with all of creation, the planets, stars, the wind, water and the River of Life. It is existence itself.

One day, very soon, Jesus is going to present His brides to Tara, one by one, to ask Her blessing on their union. Oh, what a blessed day that will be. What wonders will issue forth from the Light of the throne of God on that day when all of creation will see the Lamb’s wife. What music and colors will be witnessed on that day, It will be as the day of creation, because it will be the day of turning, the beginning of a new era.”



The more you pass through the door of your heart and down the stairs of your soul and into the pools and warm flow of the River of Life, the more heavenly minded you will become.



“How rich and deep and wonderful the spirit is, like a great flowing river. Like the River that Ezekiel saw, which the angel measured and called him to go deeper into until its waters were so deep he could go no more. The waters of the spirit are very much like a wonderful river of life that flows through all things, through the entire universe. In its waters is the wonderful presence of the great Creator of all things, and in its waters we flow and travel and are kept and guided by the great living river of God. The spirit is so wonderful! Could it be a part of the River of life that proceeds from the throne of God?–Living waters that carry us along in their currents and fill our hearts with hope and joy.” ( Journey to Tricon)




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