The Humble Get Stamina


Spirit helper speaking:

“Learn to walk the humble road. Take the humble way of thinking. “I don’t really know, unless I’ve just been updated now, fresh in the spirit. I do have much to learn.”

See, if you keep putting yourself in a seat of humility, then you don’t have to be forcibly humbled just to keep you on track and out of Satan’s traps.

Traps are for the proud who think they know where they are going and can do as they please.

Traps are for the proud who thinking they can get along fine on their own two feet.

Traps are for those who can’t take a drop of humility when it comes to them in a cup to drink. But the humble are thirsty, and even if it is hard to swallow, they take the cup of humiliation and drink it, as they are thirsty for the truth.

So the humble do get refreshed, the humble are given stamina to carry on.

We watch for the humble levels in a person’s soul, and must knock them down a notch or two, or quite a few if that’s a need. So don’t think  that you are going to soar or sail along even for a day without something that tests your pride, something that tries to get pride to flare up; and there won’t be a day without a test of humility, something that makes and keeps you humble.”

Submitted by Kaye


“There is no hurt too deep, no relationship too strained, no wrong that cannot be made right with the power of the keys.”

Here is the complete version of this prophecy, in pdf.



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