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I walk with you

My strong tower is there, and even if you forget all your class material and drop your pencil and seem to yourself a flat failure, I see your heart and I understand your motives, and I will embrace you in your time of desperate need. Fear not the tempter, for I have allowed him to singe you, but your life is safe within the shadow of My arms. Deep in the arms of Jesus abideth perfect peace. When all about you seems thwart with danger and uncertainty, when in the darkness the enemy’s threatenings haunt and taunt you, draw My cloak around you and come deeper in, and My spirit will sustain you until the tempest is past. I walk with you; do not doubt. I walk with you to bring you through. I am here. Do you feel My hand in yours? Our love only grows stronger as the enemy tries harder to pull you away from the pillar of light. The darkness cannot hold My crystal as it turns toward the Light. It is impossible to hold it. The darkness must let go. Come, My love, come and snuggle up with all the other crystals who have abandoned the world of darkness for My pillar of light and freedom. The secret, My dove, is in letting go… 

“Just as Noah was in the ark seven days before the flood came, safe and secure with Me, so will you be kept safely during the 7 years prior to the great Endtime deluge that will forever take away the world of unbelieving man.”

“My Kingdom is within you and all around you, and one day very soon, you will be taken from this world, just as I was lifted up by the hand of My Father to My reward, so will you be. But until then you are required on the earth plane as My representatives. But I have not left you comfortless or without the facilities to perform your duty for Me.”

USED Loving Jesus intimately

VIDEO…Stay By Me

“Say, “I call on the keys,” and they will immediately be released to attend and assist you in any way you need them.”


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