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Be Strong and of Good Courage


Do you feel My hand in yours? Yes, My dear, I am right beside you. You are My dearest, most precious bride. You are one who suffers greatly for My name and for My cause. Your heart breaks for your lost lamb as Mine does for the millions of lost lambs scattered around the world. Many are losing hope as their faith sputters and dies, smothered by the darkness that surrounds and suffocates what little faith they once had for a Savior they cannot see. So many have fallen for the lie that there is no spirit world, there is no heaven and there is no hell. Their heaven and their hell are all around them; it is the world they live in. “Why struggle?” they say. So they just let go and drift with the rest of the world as circumstance, situation and fate dictate their daily lives. Don’t look down, My love; don’t allow their attitude to swallow up your faith. Feed more deeply on the Words of life, the Words of David and the Words of prophecy. They are full and wholesome meat. Feast on them, eat them up as a starving man would eat a bowl of broth.

Do you see My other hand? Yes, it is full of good nutritious Word vitamins; eat and be satisfied. For you will need strength for the long journey ahead. Drink of the strong wines of My Word because the journey is long, and you will not find too many who will want to journey with you. Do not grieve, but believe that I have so much more for you than anything this world can offer. I love you, My bride, come and make sweet passionate love to Me, and I will fulfill your every desire. I am love, and I am your strength for the long night ahead. You are My Jeremiah, a voice of warning and woe. You are My John, a voice in the wilderness called Europe, saying, “Repent, for the day of the Lord is upon you.” You are My David, a voice calling the lost to come back to the Words of Life. Be strong and of good courage for the night is upon you. Call on the Keys of courage and faith, and they will buoy you up and you will walk on the water. I am with you always, My brave warrior bride, even unto the end of time.




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