Jesus: “The warfare is raging all around you. I tell you to pray now more than ever because this is your weapon. This is how you reach into the spirit world. This is the sword that parts the veil and the keys open the door to bring My power into this dimension. But even with the keys that open the door to the spirit world, you use them in prayer. When you claim the keys, you are praying, you are reaching for the spirit world. This is where you wield your greatest power. And that power will be seen in this realm. It will be seen in miracles, miracles of victory, miracles of witness, miracles of supply and protection. I know it’s hard to keep praying. It’s hard work to focus your mind and it’s not like you see instant fruit or results. In the physical realm, when you cook a meal, it’s there for everyone to eat, and when you clean a room, it looks better. But when you spend time praying, you have to take it by faith that something is indeed happening in the spirit world. but this is faith, and believing without seeing gets some of the greatest rewards. So as you go along in your muddy world, try to turn your thoughts to us in the spirit world as often as possible. I know it’s hard and the flesh is pretty demanding and sometimes even hard to keep up with. But if you can be fighting on both fronts at once, you will be happier, you will be able to rise above more easily and there will be better results all around.”

Sky, a Blue Angel: “You can even ask us what to pray for. When you are yielded and listening, we can pray through you. I know this is your ultimate goal, to be like us and just let God’s great love and power flow through you. So this is one way that you can take steps towards becoming like us, by praying.

Prayer is a yielding…and submission is what it’s all about. Prayer is saying that work in the spirit is more important than the flesh. It’s giving up your thoughts and what you want to do with your little mind and letting it step into the spirit world to work. This takes a lot of love and faith and yieldedness. When you pray for things, you are admitting that you can’t do it all. In many cases, you can’t even do anything. The only thing you can do is follow along and do your little part, like rolling away the stone. When you pray for something, you are giving it up to Jesus. You are laying it before him and asking Him to take over. So as you pull down Jesus’ power into the situation, you become a channel of His power, just like us. We are yielded conduits of the power of God. The more yielded and open you are, and the less self and personal agenda are clogging your channel, then the more power can flow down through you and your prayers into this realm.”


“Prayer is like the electricity that powers the spiritual tracking and defensive equipment. It is the offensive batteries, the fuel which powers the missiles against the Enemy, the starting point for every offensive against him. This is why it is his major focus in any battle to keep you from praying, or from praying effectively.”

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“The keys turned to swords are your most effective weapons of war! Wield them with power, authority, and conviction, and you will win great victories over your enemies!”


April 2022


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April 2022


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