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August 15, 2023…

Prophecy: It is apparent that the people who are behind the war in the Ukraine are the same ones that had their dirty hands in Syria …not to mention every hot spot in the world since the tower of Babel. And it is apparent that they are now in West Africa. And why were they in Syria and why are they in the Ukraine and why are they now in West Africa? –To help the poor and stabilize the economies of these countries? Not on your life. They are there for control and resources. They want “their people” in place so that they can obtain their personal objectives. They are there to feed the engines of development and progress. But not development and progress for all. It is not necessarily even to develop their own countries, for these ones do not count themselves citizens of any particular country. And no, they are not citizens of the Kingdom of God. These ones see themselves as internationalists. The world, its people and resources, are here for them; that is what they believe. They have their fat fingers in these different countries for themselves, to keep the fires of their industries burning. Their industries supply employment for the masses, but those jobs only supply enough to live a basic life, with perhaps a little entertainment thrown in on the side. For the ordinary Joe, most of the time it’s work, work, work for the company store.

If you throw your lot in with these ones, your life will be controlled, their way. If you throw your lot in with Jesus, then He will control your life His way. What’s the difference? Well, that’s easy. God is love. He is not here for Himself; this earth is not here for Him. He gave it to man to enjoy and to live on it in love. God and Jesus gave only two laws to man, and these two laws, if lived to the full, will solve all man’s problems.

Love God with all your heart, soul and mind. That is the first one. And the second one is easy, but only if you are living the first one…love your neighbor as much as you love yourself.

Jesus said to love your enemies. So this little talk is not about a violent or non-violent coup or revolution. Because that is not loving your enemy. Those are not solutions but problems. One leader down, another one up, yet the heart of each one is the same. They say they are here for you, but that is not the truth, only Jesus is here for you. And if they were here for you, they wouldn’t last too long in this dog-eat-dog world. Not even Jesus lasted very long by speaking the truth, . So what has to change? Your heart has to change, and truly, truly only Jesus can change your heart. If you think nothing will change by taking Jesus, you are wrong. For starters, you will change.  

More on the Elites of the World.

These are they that loan money to countries in order to make debt slaves out of them. They then follow these loans  with taxation policies that lay heavy burdens upon the shoulders of the working man. These are they that would rule the world. (end of prophecy)

Serfs, Supers and Super-Dupers

BOTH BURKE IN “BURKE’S CONNECTIONS” & OTHER COMMENTATORS have made these documentaries in which they point out how the coming generation is going to be divided into virtually just two classes, no longer the upper class, middle class & lower class. No longer the upper-rich class & the middle-smart-know-it-all class of technicians, & the dumb lower-class of manual laborers, the uneducated, but in virtually just two classes–the people who know it all& understand all the high technology & electronics & all, & the people who don’t.

THE SCIENTISTS & ENGINEERS WILL BE VIRTUALLY A SUPER RACE who know & understand all this machinery & can run it & fix it & invent it & create it. Then there will be the dumb serfs or slaves who know little or nothing & have no education in it & are just going to be manual laborers who will be almost like slaves & robots.

THIS SOUNDS A LOT LIKE THE ANTICHRIST KINGDOM, a race of supermen who understand the Image of the Beast, & then the serfs & slaves who don’t & over whom they rule & who do all the manual menial labor like serfs…(If you would like to read the rest of this MO letter please follow link below)

See pdf download “Serf, Supers and Super-Dupers”

war in Africa

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“I’m calling for a simple army–an army that to you will appear humble and meek, even bedraggled, grungy and weak, because then you will use the new weapons, not the tactics of your own strength. I need an army who will depend on My power, derive strength from My truth, and though small and weak in your own eyes and in the eyes of men, you will be mighty conquerors and valiant warriors in spirit.” (#3455)


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