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how do you know if you have faith?



“If you want to know where your faith lies, try that little self-test. If you have full faith in Me, then you won’t be fretting about the problems, the seeming impossibilities, or the difficulties. Your faith will be planted in praise‚ and you’ll carry My hope in your heart. But if you don’t really have faith in Me to come through, then you will be beset with the worries and mental torment of the Enemy.”



“When you’re in a trying situation, that’s when you realize the full value of faith. At times it seems trite and unnecessary to be investing so much time and effort in strengthening your faith, but when everything else in your life is gone, when you have nothing else to lean on but your faith in Me, then you find out how important it truly is. Faith grows and is strengthened in trying times, but you need something to draw on–a foundation, a strong connection with Me, and a ballast of Word in your heart. Otherwise your faith will falter and your heart will grow weary. So be wise, My brides, and strengthen your faith today while you live in times of peace, because you never know when your faith in Me will be the only thing on this Earth that you have left to cling to.”

Prophecy: July 06, 2022

“The days of great tribulation are almost upon you My loves, those days when you will have nothing to stand on but Me; are you ready, are you prepared in heart? You are if you believe that I am all you have, that there are no other alternatives, and if there were, you would still trust Me over each one of them anyway. When the cut off comes, which it surely will, there will be a line drawn, a division so clear, so well defined, it will be unmistakable. Then you will have to choose, then you will see that the road back is no longer a road but a drop off. I am testing you now, with little choices, small decisions and with each one you make you are either strengthening your connection with Me and My Word or you are allowing the enemy to weaken that connection. He’s always there at your house of faith, knocking, tapping, pushing, shaking each window, door or panel, to see if there is any loose connection, any lock that isn’t quite secured, looking for a way in, an open door, or even a crack that he might be able to pry open to gain entrance. I allow him this right of entrance as a test of your faith, as means to get you always looking to Me to keep your house secure and well locked against the onslaughts of the wicked thief that only wants to spoil your goods.

Be armed My loves, be forewarned My dearest brides, these tests and trials are real and designed to make your house all-weather proof.  The hour has come, the hour of darkness, the hour of temptation that My Word has spoken of since the beginning of time. The world is at its lowest ebb, the tide of man’s faith in Me is at its lowest point since Satan first began his attack on My plan for man. The serpent is about to strike, the hammer is about to come down hard and any undecided, any that still remain caught between two decisions, will be blown like the chaff of the summer threshing floor. Only those that are standing on My Word alone will stand. I am the Rock and the empty promises and lip services given to Me by this faithless and untoward generation is over. I have promised that I will come at the time of harvest with scythe in hand to thoroughly purge and make white My harvest. That time My dearest dears has come. Are you ready? Are you prepared? Look to the north for My instrument of chastisement has come out of his lair, the bear has been awoken and is coming to take away many. You thought this time of reaping would never come, or that I would delay My coming, well My loves, it has come and it is about to happen. All the world is about to wonder after the final beast.”




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