apple and bible


The use of this gift I have put within you is conditional; it will depend on each of you, My loves. It will depend on you meeting the requirements, on putting off the carnal and putting on My mind. If you will gird up the loins of your minds and prepare, if you will clear your minds of that which is carnal, if you will allow Me to fully possess you, if you will let My mind move freely in you, if you will prepare by calling on the power of the keys and doing all you can to reject that which is carnal by putting on My mind, then My thought power within you will be greatly intensified and you will do exploits. You will do greater things than I or all the prophets did while on Earth.

I have given you these requirements, and as you do these things, as you put on My mind, through this union of My Spirit with your spirit, I will activate your greater capacity of thought power. Begin doing these things today; put off the carnal and put on My mind. Greater power is available to you now; you can begin to use it straightway. Get acquainted with it.

This is the gift I put in your hands today; it is to be activated at the touch of your faith and through your obedience to the requirements I set before you. The only thing that will limit your use of this gift is your own inability to receive. I place it in your hands, to be activated by each individual’s faith.

This is not a gift that is meant to be activated in the distant future; you can begin using it today–now. If you’ll step out and obey, if you’ll make the effort to put on My mind, if you’ll call on the power of the keys to release the gift within you, if you’ll exercise the gift, it will be activated, and it will begin to grow. It will grow and grow into a full, mature, and practiced gift as you become the miracle workers of the final days. As you meet the requirements, the gift will be at your command, and through this gift you will receive greater power to live up to the standard of discipleship I am requiring in this Endtime. As the spiritual battles intensify and Satan’s System tries to pull harder and harder on you with each passing day, this gift will help you stand strong, to stay dropped out, to stay pure and free from Satan’s grip.


Pull out of his grip now. Renew your efforts to come into the light of My Word by following the counsel in this GN, and you will break the sticky, gooey, clinging tentacles of Bacchus that are dragging you back to your old life. This is really the revolution that not many wanted to partake of. Yet without revolution in your life, you slow down and eventually come to a standstill. And once you stand still, you begin to sink into the slough of despondency and final death. The Devil comes along and pulls up the covers and makes you all comfy cozy and you doze off into a system dream world that you may never wake from. Open your eyes. There is a set of Keys hanging right beside your bed of dreams. Grab ahold of them; they are motion and action, life and inspiration. They will rip you out of that bed and place you right back on the front lines of this battle that is entering the final glorious hours. (End of prophecy from MB)

“Hear from Me frequently in prophecy. Practice “ask Me everything” at every opportunity, under every circumstance. Never wait for a more “ideal” time to hear from Me. Learn to hear from Me, to focus and tune your channel even under difficult conditions when there is noise and distraction. Of course, if it’s noise or distraction that you can resolve, then by all means do so, or “enter into your closet” to escape it. But never put off hearing from Me just because the conditions are not ideal. Hearing from Me on the spot, under any conditions, is part of this gift. You must exercise it.”


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