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Bill Kinney, “2028: The Year of  His Return?” 

Just as events can have a dual meaning, certain characters can serve a dual purpose by representing, or being emblematic of a particular concept being illustrated. For example, the prophet Daniel was preserved in the lions’ den by the “angel of God.” In Revelation 3:8, the “angel of God” is sent to the Philadelphia believers, to provide a way of escape from the adversary, “who walks about like a lion seeking whom he may devour.” (1 Peter 5:8). The name Daniel is derived from the Hebrew word “Dan,” who was one of the sons of Jacob and means “Judge.” In Genesis chapter 49, Jacob prophesied over Dan by saying;

“Dan shall judge his people, as one of the tribes of Israel.”

This verse does not mean that Dan will sit in judgment of his fellow tribes, but rather, he will plead their cause from another place, as one of them. Dan is a friend of his brethren (the other eleven tribes of Israel), just as the word Philadelphia means in the Greek, “fond of brethren.” This “other place” will not be of this world. Look and see. At the start of the tribulation, when the angels put the seal of God upon the tribes of Israel, the tribe of Dan is already missing from the list, for the simple reason that the tribe of Dan is missing from the face of the earth. (See Revelation 7:5-8) Therefore, the Patriarch Dan, the tribe of Dan, the Prophet Daniel, and the Church at Philadelphia are all emblematic (or symbolic) of a group of believers who will leave this plane of existence within the physical realm – at the start of the tribulation. Those believers who remain are represented by the Church of the Laodiceans, which is still present on the earth after the Church at Philadelphia has left (according to the chronological account found in the Book of Revelation). [Study Note 2 and 3] At this same time, when all of the remaining believers are taken from the earth, Satan is thrown down to the earth. (Rev 12:9). [Study Note 4]

MB – Although Bill is talking here about a pre-tribulation rapture, I am convinced by scripture that both the Philly Brides and the lukewarm Laodecian brand of Christians will be on earth during the Great Tribulation, right up until Jesus returns. Jesus declares in His own Words, “Immediately after the tribulation of those days” will I return in the same manner as I left. Matthew 24: 29, 30.

However, in order that the Philly Brides be fit and ready to go out with Jesus to find the one lost sheep during the days of tribulation, they must be purified, tested and tried in the fires of God’s love. This opinion is verified in the verse string of Daniel 11 mentioned in part two (of This Shrinking-time Business.) Jesus, with His Gideon’s band, then goes out into the world to find the few that are lost in the brambles of the world. And of course, who does the Bible say this Gideon’s band is? Their escapades can be found in Revelation 11.  Those ones, who through their intimate relationship with Jesus, know of their election and calling and have aforetime made themselves ready.

So this wilderness is not a place that simply hides away the ninety and nine and they are never seen again; rather it is a place in the spirit that allows the ninety-nine to be in the world but not of the world. They operate within the world of the Spirit, their clothes do not wear out, perhaps some do not age. They are supplied for miraculously, and are protected from those enemies that are continually trying to make war with them (Deut. 8:4; Psalms 103:5; Daniel 8:24; Revelation 12:17; 13:7).


Matthew 16:19

This is where the Keys of the Kingdom come into their own, but specifically the Key of David. This Key has a special place all its own. It has an Endtime function. It is this Key that “keeps safe those that hold it during the time of temptation.” It is intimately linked to the Words of David, and it is the Words of David, their king, that these ones feed on, for the Words of David are not his own but are the Words of God.  


The Tribe of Dan, Daniel, and the Philly Brides

These three characters are worthy of a little more study. It would be natural to exalt to sainthood Daniel and the church in Philadelphia, but what of the Tribe of Dan? A quick search on the net and you will find that this tribe were rife in idolatry; they were even named as the leaders of a strange new religious movement that drew Israel away from God. So it is obvious why they no longer exist. God dealt with them as He did with other idolaters; he stamped them out. So what is Bill Kinney saying in his article above? Well, God’s ways are not our ways and it is evident that He sees things far differently than man does. Man has a propensity to self-righteousness and self-righteousness really, truly is blind to the workings of God. “God’s way up is down!–Down to the defeat of self and self-righteousness–up to the victory of the cross and death to self for others!” In other words, God can’t really use you until you are way out of the way. If there is too much of you in your witness, then it comes across in the wrong spirit. So what does He do to find those that He can use? He first of all breaks them, breaks their hearts, smashes their pride and brings them so low that there is only one way to look, and that is up to Him. Having fallen so low, the Tribe of Dan would be the perfect candidates to, as Bill Kinney put it, “plead their cause from another place, as one of them. Dan is a friend of his brethren (the other eleven tribes of Israel)”. That “other place” has two meanings: they are coming back at the time of the End as a cloud of spiritual witnesses, (Hebrews 12:1), but also they are coming from a place of sin and therefore the place of compassion.

Now, dear Daniel, on the other hand, is a hard act to follow, however, if you cast your mind back to Daniel 9, you read of Daniel’s confession to the God of Israel, asking forgiveness for their horrible sins of unbelief. (Daniel 9: 3-19) Which means that before Daniel was highly exalted, he was greatly abased. He was a sinner just like his brethren. But due to his repentance and subsequent change of heart and life, God mightily used him to be a friend to his own people and to become a famous End-of-time prophet.

So we are left with the Philly Church, who have not all left the earth plane as of this writing, but whom Bill Kinney claims will at some point during the Tribulation. I’ve explained how I believe that these believers will indeed leave but without actually leaving the material plane, so let’s take a look at their character. I know of only one group who claim that they have the Key of David, and that would be the Children of David.  David, the Endtime prophet of God was sent to earth with the message of Jeremiah, and well, you know the history… but if you don’t, then please make a search here on this blog.

There was a great falling away within the ranks of the Children of David recently. As prodigals, many if not most, went back to the world in search of riches, fame or just a new life. A great apostasy, some might call it. I would say that it even resonates with 2 Thessalonians 2:3. The way of the backslider is hard, but not without purpose if a repentance is sought for and found, something like what Daniel did, and I’m sure the Tribe of Dan did after they left this plane and were shown the errors of their ways. The word Philadelphia means in Greek, “fond of brethren”. Are we not our brother’s keeper? Having seen the errors of our way and sought repentance, surely we might reach our brethren, and enacting the Final Key (Jesus) to action…the last week or half week would now begin.

The Shortening of Time

 Finally we get to the topic of this article, Matthew 24:22. Ahhh, 22, that portal number we’ve discussed so much this year; 22 the year that unlocks the door to 2023. It’s the number we see everywhere, as almost daily it pops up to remind us what year we are in, or perhaps a reminder of where we are at. Just this morning I was in a dream with a friend, and he said something that triggered me awake. I immediately asked the time and it was 2:22. Could it be that we are already working and operating behind the veil in the wilderness of Revelation12:6? And interestingly enough, repeated again in 12:14, I wonder why that verse was repeated? To live by faith takes living in the Spirit, behind the veil, this is what Jesus meant when He said: “in the world but not of the world”.

Perhaps it is a shortening in our minds, as some suggest. Much like what happens when a day, a month or a year rushes by as if there were no time. I must admit that the past two years have sped by as if I’d stepped behind the veil, where there is no time. Yet the material world kept lumbering along, and when stepping back into the world of man, I found myself asking where time had gone. The woman who flees into the wilderness for 1,260 days would surely experience this shortening of time, whilst their brethren that remain on the material side of the veil would not.

Let’s read the verse in question to see what it’s saying: “And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.It would seem that it is not simply a mind thing, although that helps, but instead it’s a warning of what’s to come. And today it has become a reality. The eradication of the human race is well under way right now with the AC’s plan of mass vaccination of the peoples of the earth. (Click here for more on what’s in the vax). This makes Matthew 24:22 plainly a statement; “This is going to happen and I am going to return to stop it.” I conclude with what someone said to me the other day. “Perhaps Jesus has left His return date open ended, contingent on man’s choices.”  There are two choices to choose from, either choice decides the outcome of your destiny. Choose God and His will, which means having no will of your own, putting your life into His hands and trusting that He really does know best or grabbing hold of your own destiny and “going for the gold,” or is that the “god” status. How can man be so duped? The dumbing down is complete, with even the elect being deceived. The elites are dumb to listen to Satan, and the masses are dumb to follow the elites –six thousand years of following the wrong advice, with history repeating itself over and over and over again, as a witness against them all.

Let’s not make the same mistake now that we’ve come this far by faith. Jesus is at the door; His return is imminent. The elites have their 2030 agenda. Always remember beloved…'”Man proposes, but God disposes.” Let’s see what Jesus has for us and the world this Christmas.


“The last plague, the tenth, was preceded by the blood markings of the Hebrews upon their doors. The marking represents the Hebrew letter Tav, which is the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet, being the 22’nd letter!” (Sam)



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