Taken from “Jesus is Enough”, GN 1187


22. “The challenges in My Word and the true standard of discipleship present you with infinite choices over the course of your life that could allow you to let go of the things of Earth and self and reach for the things of the Spirit. If you truly took the humble road‚ the yielded road, the submissive road, the loving road, and each day made the right choices in your life‚ based only on what life threw your way, you could have this special closeness to Me. You’d know that even though your life isn’t filled with misery, nothing in it is as important to you as Me, and you’d be one of those special ones to whom I could tell anything and know without a shadow of a doubt that you’d do it just to please Me‚ just to stay close to Me.”

November 2021, Prophecy: “I have many keys of desire in My hand. They can be taken one by one, or you can just grab the whole handful and place them in your lap to look and learn at pleasure. Each keye opens a door to a separate desire; these are not earthly desires, like wealth or position. These Keyes come from one of My special treasure caches. They are given by special request for they are most precious. One of the Keyes is named “three wishes”. It is a lowly looking Keye but is very special in nature. Another one of these keyes was given to Solomon, when with great desire, he asked for, above all things offered, wisdom. Wisdom is a great and wonderful Keye, and like I did for Solomon, I can do for you. But even Solomon in all his wisdom did not ask for the Keye of all Keyes. He was given his cup of wisdom, but with it he also found dissatisfaction. There is a Keye that I desire with all My heart to give you; it is a Keye that will set you on the final road to your destiny. It is above all Keyes and is activated by your desire. Once you have this Keye, nothing on earth or in Heaven will stand in your way. Now is the time to desire this Keye more than anything in life or after life. You know what Keye I speak of because I have already put great desire in your hearts to want Me above all things. Ask for it, desire it with all your heart, for your wish is My command. It is the Keye My Father and I shared whilst I was on earth. It is the Keye that meshed My will to His. It is the Keye that I desire that you desire above all I have to offer. It is like all other Keyes, in that, once you start using it, it will begin to embed itself in your very being. I’m not saying that it will make the other Keyes work more efficiently –no. All I am saying is that it will help you to give yourself wholly and completely to Me, above anything or anyone in Heaven and on earth. It is not an instant possession. It takes desire, and it takes time. It grows as love grows between two people. Now is the time for this desire to be sought for with all your will.” (end of prophecy)

25. I show you the rooms of your life that aren’t fully open to Me and I encourage you to give Me access. But often you don’t take the initiative to fully fling open the doors and drop the crutches and props and embrace Me and My Spirit.

26. Thus it is usually only when these things are completely taken away from you against your will, with or without your consent, that you truly let go and abandon yourself fully to Me. This is why I sometimes let those windstorms strike, so that you will have no other choice but to wrap yourself around Me for dear life.

USED Jesus is enough

November 10, 2022…Prophecy: “When I say against your will, it is not as if you have no will to decide the outcome –because you do. If you come a little deeper with Me, I will show you what I mean by Me taking something without your consent.

The earth and all that is therein is Mine, yet I gave it freely to man to have dominion over. That is what My Word says, yet there were always some unwritten stipulations –small print you might say. I gave men liberties as beings of light, which were given to none other of My creation, not even the angels. But when they choose darkness over light, the covenant between us was broken and the small print took effect. Fallen man relinquished certain aspects of the covenant we had between us. This is a very broad and deep subject that encompasses the whole lesson and learning spectrum that mankind has passed through since his fall. Therefore I am only going to cover one small aspect here. Due to sin, eternity had a slight detour. In other words, if you choose A: this will happen, but if you choose B: this will happen. I did warn Adam and Eve what would happen if they chose B. Well, they chose B, which resulted in an end of sorts. It must end, or all of my creation would be destroyed by the cancer that adhered itself to Adam and Eve when they chose. As you know, all things work together for good, My loves, and I get great victory out of seeming defeat. Choice B has worked to Our advantage in bringing man to a point of awakening, the foundation of which is My Law of Love. Once Satan and his influence are removed from the painting, the new man, the risen man, will assist Me in recreating a new earth. There will, as My Word dictates, be one last purging of the new Millennial tree. The good seed will be gathered in preparation for eternity and, of course, the corrupt seed will be thoroughly purged.” (end of prophecy) 

27. My loves, I am a faithful Gardener, and I know what you each need to bear fruit. That’s why I coax and water, trim and prune, and then sometimes I have to roughly chop and cut and expose you to the winds and the rain. If your desire is to bear the fruit that I would have you bear, that of love and yieldedness and the fruits of the Spirit, then I will‚ in My time, bring it forth in your life.

(From “Jesus is Enough”)


“Only through sacrifice, yielding, breaking, forsaking‚ and giving up your own will and plans can My plan of perfect joy, perfect dependence on Me, perfect love for Me, and perfect desire to do My will be perfected. This is the beauty for ashes (Isiah.61:3)‚ and without something going through the fire, there is no other way.”