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“Now is the time of the whispers, and all My troops that have taken the call seriously are using this method. This is the method of communication from now on; it has been for a while, but it is now in earnest. Forms of earthly communication will become more and more difficult and in some ways impossible. This may not be an easy saying for some, but I cannot strive with the double-minded endlessly. As I’ve said before, Satan saw the fall of the COD as his golden opportunity, as his signal to strike what he thought to be his most deadly blow to My plan at that time. Now he is locked, loaded and ready to go, and will not, cannot turn from the inevitable end –all-out war.

This is the time when My troops must be where they have been called to be, to fill the places that have been kept open for them. If they are not ready or if they are hesitant, then they must remain where they are and there fight with the resources they have at hand. If you are called to be a commander of a small guerilla band or if you only have one or two people to oversee, make sure you do it with My earpiece in your ear listening intently to My every instruction. All My troops both spiritual and physical are now behind enemy lines.” (Jesus speaking)


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3 thoughts on “Time of the Whispers”
  1. Faith is the power, that opens the door of your heart and connects your mind directly to the broadcasting signal of heaven. And after that you must do as Jeremiah. The Lord told him “I have put My words in thy mouth”. We are live instruments with free will. We can choose to stay quiet and stop the Word of God. Or open our mouth and let the song of heaven that is the Word of God flow into the ears of the world & let the river of life flow out from our belly pouring life into the nations & let the light of Jesus shine through our eyes to let the whole world know that the sons of light are manifested to all men for a witness of Jesus Christ.

  2. This is an excellent post. Jesus said,”My sheep hear my voice,” yet many times, when I tell a fellow believer what God has told me, they usually inquire as to how God spoke, was it an audible voice, an inner voice (in the mind), in a dream, or in some other way. This post describes it perfectly as a whisper.

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