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“The number 22 is an important Key to the future. It is a unique number; it is My number. Although the enemy would use it for his own purpose, he cannot gain access to this Key. He is permitted to make his own copy, a duplicate key, you might say. But it is not the real thing, and like all his counterfeits, when put to the test, they break, misfire or simply don’t work.

There are many locks and many keys that must be utilized to open the way forward. You might look upon the opening of these locks as events that must take place before the world can move on up the tunnel of My will. Each event or key can only fall in place when the previous one has been accomplished; much like how a time sequence lock operates. The enemy is always trying to interfere with the order of events by attempting to, as the Bible says, “change times and seasons”. He loves to fiddle with the timing; he’s always seeking to delay the final day.

I have set the stars and the planets in their order. I have created all things and have put all things in their place and under My feet. There is a time and season for everything. As much as the Devil tries to hinder and delay the here and now, he cannot change the future; only I can do that. Yes, he is permitted to delay and confuse and work within the realm of man’s decision-making process –his free will and majesty of choice– but he is not permitted to change what has been set as immovable by Me, what you might call this immovable rock, “My will”.

The number 22 is part of your DNA. It is also all throughout the Bible. You have lightly touched on these facts during your studies, but I tell you:  this number combination goes deep into the very fabric of My creation. One day, My loves, I will show you how deep, how wonderful, and how intricately I’ve weaved this tapestry called time, space, spirit and flesh. The properties that you are aware of are only a few, a small part of  that which makes up My creation. There are many others that I have not yet permitted to be discovered. In time all will be revealed.  Mankind has closed that door for now due to his choices; but I am patient and understand that maturity takes time and usually comes through experience. Simple, foolish, immature, material man has been distracted by the things of his material world. His eyes of the spirit have been closed, as if by scales. However, my spiritual brides see the Keys, and they see the combinations. They are beginning to discover the paths that lead into My spirit, and they are indeed wondrous to behold.” (End of part 1)

USED time space and 22_01


Revelation 3:7-13

I have set 2022 as a pivotal year. It is a portal to the future and the Key of David was given for the purpose of opening this particular door. Read Revelation 3 and see if this be not so.


June 2022


Journey to Tricon



June 2022


Tree of Genesis 3:22



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