The Keys Are a Lamp to Your Feet 


“This is what the keys were given to you for, so use them more and more. You cannot win this battle in the flesh; it is too dark and too strong. You have to release more of us to fight by your side. There cannot be a victory for the enemy. There has to be a victory for the children of God, and only the Keys have the power to do that. It is given to the Keys to win the victory. The Keys have the power to overcome the enemy in this battle of the End. It is like you are fighting in darkness, a total blackout, and the Keys are the only source of light now. Remember,  My  Word and the Keys and I are one. We three are One, so by using the Keys you are using the power of the universe.


The keys of peace are a strong and solid foundation whereon you can stand steadfast, confident that no raging wind or fierce attack can rock the foundation of peace found through the keys.

Gross darkness has come into the world. Strong delusion and gross darkness cover the people of the world. That includes Christians who still think they can live in the world and in My spiritual kingdom at the same time. I have told My children for thousands of years to come out of her and not partake of her delicacies. Those that have listened and come out of her in spirit are those that will be strong and do exploits in the days just ahead. Those that still dabble in the darkness in any way will be swallowed by the darkness. Everyone must turn their backs on the world and fully face the light now.” (Jesus Speaking)



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