Seeds of David (PDF)

Prophecy bites

Time to be speeding forward

Angel speaking : I am your conductor, to conduct you through your day. Pleased to be of service. It’s good when you feel little and small in your own sight. When your own strength of “being able to take it” weakens, you see how very much you do need Jesus and need His help through us who are at your side ready to help in ways too numerous to list.

It makes us glad when you know you need our help, as that means you will be calling for it far more often, and then greater progress will be made. It’s like making the selection of a vehicle for your trip down “today’s road”. Will you just walk or crawl down the rough road? Or will you ask for a coach to take you? Or will you get the smartest service available—us?. We can take you in style and get you to the desired destination by the time the day comes to a close.

When you call on Heaven’s service, you get there in Heaven’s style, speed and condition.

Yes, scratched knees from crawling along the rough road teach you things—like a child who is learning to crawl and to walk. The bumps teach them what to do and what not to do, and mostly teach them how much better it would be to walk and stay upright, and learn to do it well. It was a stage to get them to reach a better end. Then once they can walk, they can go on to biking, and then being able to carry other little ones, and finally they can even learn to drive.

So your crawling and struggling through things isn’t meant to be a lifelong state, but a means to an end, to get you to want a better way. You can walk holding onto Jesus’ hand, and take steps that way. But soon you’ll learn that to make the fastest progress on the road of your life, you’ll want to climb aboard the Heaven-a-copter to take you over vast areas in a short amount of time.

To use Heaven’s service, you simply need to call for the Keys of all the various needs you encounter, and allow yourself to be coached along on what to do and say.

You no longer have to struggle with hard times that drain you of so much, but can simply stop and say, “Hey, I need some ____” whatever. We’re there to help.

Like you heard the whisper yesterday during a really rough time, “What do you want us to do?”

You thought it was a lesson of bravely going through struggles and tough days again, unlike you have had in a while. “That’s just life” you thought.

But that was in several grades back. You no longer need to crawl in the rocks and get torn knees. Maybe that was a good reminder of what it’s like without our constant help. See, now progress forward is more important than deep lessons like you’d learn on a tough day.

We want to lift you through it. Just say the word, and the Lord will send whatever you need. It’s really quite simple.

It’s oil time. Time to be speeding forward with the oil of God’s Spirit.




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