Jesus speaking on faith

“No matter what you can do in the physical, there are certain dynamics within the spirit that must be accomplished in the spirit alone. The success of your future is about the combination of your faith in Me and your practical effort both working together to bring about the results I’m after. Both are needed, and together they will culminate in success.

It took faith for Me to come to Earth and to believe that I could make a difference as a human. It took faith to believe in My Father’s plan, that I could actually accomplish something as great as changing the course of the history of the world by the love I showed in living and dying for mankind. But My Father’s plan worked! It takes faith to believe that I have a plan for your life and that you are following it. It takes faith to believe that you are actually making a difference in the hearts and lives of others. But you will see, as I did with My Father’s plan‚ that you are accomplishing My will and doing what I have called you to do.”

The people who call on the power of the keys will be strong and do exploits.



gospel of faith

“When you call on the power of the keys, you are an unbeatable force! Just as light dispels darkness, so the keys dispel evil.”




One thought on “To Accomplish My Will”
  1. Thank you Jesus for revealing your true love to us.
    This message is for every person that is losing their faith in Jesus and the God of Love.
    I am fighting every day against the attacks of the enemy, specially when He tells me. “what if everything that you are doing and saying is completely wrong, what if God doesn’t exist like the people of this world say”.
    I rebuke you Satan in the power of the Keys!!! In Jesus name I order you to vanish!!! For what has overcome the world, our faith in God!!! Hallelujah.
    As the final key gets closer and closer to the key hole, the Devil cries for fear as the little worms put their eyes on His eyes, there mind on His mind. Full possession will destroy the works of darkness. ❤️

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