Achan’s gold

“Will you be as Achan who foolishly stole some of the cursed goods of Jericho, and thus be destroyed? Will you clean yourself of any sins and anything that has not been committed into My hands, so that you may face the battles ahead in full faith, standing on My promises, knowing that you have done your part and left Me free to do mine? You cannot face the battles in full faith while holding back from Me. For as much as you hold back from Me, I will not be able to give to you. I will not be able to bestow upon you full power, for you have not given Me the wherewithal to do so. For as you hold back from Me, I am limited to work on your behalf and thus you will not be able to win the battles that are ahead. For to get through what will soon be upon the World, you will need as much of My power as you can get. I long to pour out My power. I long to pour out My blessings of victories, but you limit Me by the amount of resources you give Me to do so. I need your yieldedness, My love; I need you to yield your all to Me in order that I might use you to the capacity that I desire to. Everyone knows your sins, My love, everyone knows your problems, but you have to do your part and make the effort to yield them to Me, to give them up to Me so that I may do with them what I know is best.

Look what trouble Achan could have saved himself if he had given up his treasures and not hidden them. He could of fessed up before the battle, and then things could have been a lot better off for him. But no, he decided to hoard his treasures, thinking that it would do him good, when really it caused his death. So this is what I am calling you to do now: forsake your sins, your wrong mindsets, your unyielded areas. Do it while you have time, before the battle begins. Because let ME tell you, when the battle of the End starts, it will be far too late, and you will be doomed to face the fate of Achan, one who so foolishly threw away his calling for a bit of wealth. Don’t let it happen to you, My love. I am counting on you, so don’t disappoint Me. But if you decide to forsake your place for pottage, then know one thing, there are others, and they will take your place. They will pick up your crown, and they will have the rewards of the elite’s life, which you foolishly forsook.” (End of prophecy)

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The world needs My message, and My message needs messengers. I have chosen you as My Endtime messengers, My brides who will follow Me to the ends of the Earth and love not their lives to the death.



Prophets of the End

“The keys are the great separator of the wheat and the chaff. Call on them to keep you separate, and you will be sanctifiedcalled apart unto Me.”





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