To Hear from Jesus is to step forward

(Jesus speaking: ) You are hurting in a zillion ways, but it’s only for a time. You could list all these things, on and on, that Satan is doing to spread “pain dust” in the air. But this is only for a time.

Look, darling, look up to the mountaintop. See the sun just coming up over the top? It’s light up there, and the air is fresh as you and I keep climbing. I use these things to test you and try you and see what you are made of. It’s like taking a course before the race starts.

See, when we see where your weak spots are, it helps us be able to assist you better and block the blows more quickly too. It’s a training course for you and your angelic assistants. It’s the fortifying time. For when the troubles blow up harder, you are going to need even more protection from the foul ways of the beast that prowls.

Oh darling, just keep looking up. Look up while you are going up. Look to the light — to the time when the Daystar will arise and new joy will be fully on the horizon.

I love you and will keep you. And by this I mean I might need to do some prep work in advance to protect you. Be not weary as you hike up with prods on all sides. Keep hearing from Me—that is like a step forward. When you stop, that is when you will start to turn back. There will be trouble in your backside if you do not keep on up. What are the steps? Hearing from Me each day. Only that is going forward—like the steps on the “little dog line”. Each new Word from Me is a forward step.  (End of message)


[Note: Here is the testimony of what happened over the past few days. It says “trouble on your backside” if I don’t keep hearing from Him, and that is exactly what happened

When you call on the keys of desperation and ask Me to make you a clear channel, I would be worse than an infidel if I did not rush to your side to speak to you and answer your call.


Prophets of the end

Watch the keys draw the line and build an inseparable difference between you and the world, as you call on their power.


Yesterday, I could hardly move. My lower back was clamping up. The night before I could hardly get comfortable even lying down. It was getting worse. I was clamped up. Frozen; getting more solidified by the hour. The Lord said in my mind, “It’s salt.” It took a minute and then I thought of Lot’s wife as a pillar of salt looking “back” to the old, not going forward to the new. Hmm. There was something I wasn’t doing and obeying in.  I was contemplating doing things the old, easier way, not climbing up the mountain, not making progress. One thing I hadn’t done in a long while was to hear fresh wine from Heaven, due to various reasons. He whispered to me that I needed new wine to be healed.

I was determined to once again fight for my time with the Lord as essential and claim it back. So I sat up in the night and the Lord lovingly spoke and told me things I really needed to hear. (See message file: 13-Nov-2021_contention). It was wonderful. And as I typed, the back pain that had been there for days, only getting worse, suddenly was healing. It was a miracle. An “as they went they were healed” and “The obedient get the blessing” kind of thing. People prayed for me, of course, but I had to obey to get the healing. By the morning, I could move normally without pain. Only a twinge remained till the next day to ensure I would keep my appointment. (This message in this file here, 14-Nov-2021_to hear from Jesus is to step forward.) And now I sit here on the third day in a row  getting the new wine and I am completely healed. It’s so amazing. He really did send His Word and healed me—but I had to take the time to hear the Word He wanted to say.]


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