Prophecy bites

Come on under, sweet virgin of Jesus! Yes, strip off the outer garments of pride and self and come stand under this waterfall of Love. It’s cold; it’s hot; it’s refreshing. It is a lot of different things to different brides. And it will be unique to you, My dearest love, My precious jewel. Let the rush and thrill of My gushing torrent crash over you and make of you a new creature this year.

Come on, don’t be shy. Take My hand, and let Me pull you in and under the flowing current pouring straight out from the throne of God, the very pinnacle of Our love, from the Heavenly City of Love itself. Don’t worry, whoever is watching won’t care, they are naked themselves, so how should they care. We are all naked here under the waterfall of My love. No self, no image, nothing of the worldly ways of man clings on us, for the waterfall of God’s love has washed us every whit clean. The clothing of pride and self will wash away, forever a thing of the past, as My waterfall of Word cascades from head to toe.



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