USED Hebrews 11

Solely consecrated and dedicated to Jesus

Fulfilled prophecy from Obliterate Obstacon #3434

My darling, this is a very special time for you and Me–a time when I and My helpers will possess you and your heart and spirit as never before.

At the cry of your heart and spirit, I have created special keys promises designed especially for you, My love. You will need these promises to keep your heart fixed and focused on Me and My Word–on the gravity and repercussions of these messages upon you and My Family at large.

In the coming days you will see a great falling away of anything in the Family that is not grounded and firmly established upon My living Word. My Word is the great discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart, and as such, will rightly divide that which is firmly grounded in Me and that which is based on the shifting sands of all that falls outside the circumference of My unfailing Word. You will see a great falling away of other plans and projects and even people who are not steadfastly grounded in My Word. You will see a swelling of the chaff and all that is laid naked before Me and found wanting.                                                                       

I know that you love My Word above all, My love. I have no doubt in this regard. I know that it has kept you through thick and thin these many years. It, as part of My divine nature and trinity, has been a faithful, true and loyal Husband to you when all else has failed, forsaken and disappointed you. And so I have created and designed some keys promises just for you, even though you look at yourself and feel so incapable, so unworthy, so deficient in yourself.


Seek Me further after this message and I shall relay these keys promises to you, so that you can come to battle well-armed and fully prepared, your weaponry of key power at your side.

It is of Me that you have been feeling the need to step back from anything and everything else that would keep you from being solely consecrated and dedicated to Me. You need to be solely Mine and give yourself to My Word, that I might possess your mind, your heart, your spirit. For there has not been any other time in the history of My children of David when the dire consequences of these messages have been so great. I am very clearly, precisely, and strategically addressing the fundamental foundation of your faith–My Word. I am addressing the foundation of the Family–My living Word and all that I have given through My David and Maria. The consequences of not receiving or lazily dismissing these messages are very, very great. There will be no turning back after this delivery. From this point on, depending on each one’s choice, the die will be cast for each of My children.

“David collected his army from the outcasts of Saul!–The people that Saul kicked out because they loved David or were loyal to David, to follow the Lord. Saul got rid of all the good people, all the spiritual people, all the lovers of the Lord & the believers in David, the followers of David & in his word, he threw’m out as traitors! Subversives! And so they collected out in the wilderness in the Cave of Adullam & became like outcasts.”

“Claim the keys of single-mindedness so that you aren’t sidetracked by time wasting detours on the path of your life.”


So to you and all My children, I say, prepare. Prepare to meet the incredible and dynamic fruit, or the pitiful fallout. As I have said, the Word is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart, and this challenge will bring division in the ranks.

Each individual is being put to the test. Each one will make a choice. Many will choose the house of David–the house of My living Words and the Spirit; some will choose the House of Saul–the house of the former, the old, the arm of the flesh, the house of self and all that would oppose and stand in the way of My Words entering, deeply penetrating, motivating and possessing the heart and spirit.

(End of message from Jesus.)  



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