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“Your testimony to the world is one of living by My Words–not according to what the world thinks or says or does. The Enemy is always trying to get you to conform to the world, but being revolutionary, completely different, separate, doing things My way, is what I need you to be. There are lots of people around telling others that Jesus loves them, but their lives bear testimony against that truth, because of their selfishness, their compromise, their lack of willingness to be My love for others, to live as I lived.

There are so few who are willing to live their lives in sacrifice, who are willing to put aside all of their own desires and preferences, except for one–the desire to serve Me and love Me and be My face to the world. Your revolutionary heritage is an essential part of My face. Your obedience to Me, your willingness to live dropped out of the System–that’s what makes you who you are. 

We are dropped out of the world, and we don’t care how the world does things! We do things the way God wants them done! One of our main jobs is to prove to the world that God’s Word works. He intended for it to be lived and practiced, and we are living it! We are proving that it can be done!”

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Is living your life for Jesus

“What is your fruit? It is the life you’ve lived for Jesus and for others, your love for Jesus and your obedience to His Word, that is the fruit you will take with you when you leave this earth at the end of your life.”

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“The keys are the great separator of the wheat and the chaff. Call on them to keep you separate and you will be sanctified-called   apart unto Me.”



Prophecy…Yield and Obey

That’s what I am after in My children’s lives and service for Me. There is no other way. All eventually must yield, either the easier way or the hard way –even the world must give up its nonsense. My children have had a lot. They have been given a pretty good sample and have seen others go through the mill and come out in pretty good shape. Even if they didn’t understand all the ins and outs of what these ones went through, the sample of fighting through was loud and clear.

So if you want what I want, then you will have to do it My way, because it is the best way. I’m putting pressure on everyone now because time is up. It is time for an example of putting your best foot forward for Me, to show others what discipleship means by leading them as a good bellwether should.

The sheep will come. These are they that are going to come running out of the system from the face of the beast. This country seems pretty dead at times, and it is. The people have their eyes on the world and its trinkets, and they want them. But as you know, I am about to rip out the pillows from those that sit at ease in Zion, those that think their life is all planned out and so they can just go on business as usual. The church, the pastors, their followers, the politicians who go on their greedy, merry way –are all going to come to the door this year, the door to hell that is. This country is about to take a serious turn for the worse, so hold on, beloved of God. Hold onto Me; strap yourselves to My back and wrap your arms around my chest or neck or anywhere that feels safe. I won’t let you go if you don’t let go. You have very little time left before the implosion. You have never seen a house standing on sand and helplessly watched the ocean waves eating away at what seemed to have been safe ground before the storm.

Now that safe ground is only a matter of a few meters, yet the waves and the wind and the rain continue to eat away the remaining meters mercilessly until suddenly the foundation’s concrete has been exposed to reveal only sand underneath it. By the following morning the house is slipping down the slope and into the angry waves. The world is at the “slipping down the slope stage,” and within a few hours the house is going to be swallowed up by the storm swell and will be no more.

When the owners of this house first purchased their dream home, they never even conceived  that the few hundred meters of sand and grass could  disappear –vanish into thin air. But it has, and now all they have invested in has been dragged away by an angry and violent sea. As good church-going Christians, they read My Word, but never really took those hard sayings to heart. They never applied that parable where I spoke about this very event happening to those unwise virgins, yet here they stand watching their very lives fall into the sea of tribulation. Can you imagine? Can you picture yourself standing on the windswept shoreline witnessing this scene I am painting? Well, it can and will happen if you fail to put Me and My Word first and foremost in your life. If you put one thing above these principles, then you are investing in a house built on sand and grass. Please, My dearest dears, leave behind what you deem important, –if it isn’t Me and My Word– and move on up the slope onto harder ground. The high ground of My will is calling you –it has been calling you. But I’m sorry to say, I must turn away now and begin My own trek up the mountain of the future. All that will follow must follow now. I have allowed the happenings in this world to go on far too long as it is. I did it for My lost sheep’s sake, but now My Father is calling Me to also forsake the house and come back to Him so that we can all begin again. The New Millennium is about to dawn.

End of prophecy


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