We Do, Through Our Choices



(Channel describes a vision:) “I see Jesus and His Father up in Heaven. It’s such a sad, sad picture. I can’t help but cry. Jesus looks very sorrowful. Oh, Jesus, help us! Forgive us, Lord, for making You so sad.

The Father is sitting on His throne and Jesus is kneeling before Him with His head down, His arms are stretched up toward Him, as if He is making a plea to His Father. He’s interceding on our behalf. Jesus is weeping almost uncontrollably. He’s asking His Father, “Is there no other way?”

God is also weeping. He is very majestic, very Kingly, very powerful, but it’s almost as if all that hardly matters. He looks very sober, very sad, just like Jesus. God is looking down, and He is slowly shaking His head back and forth, and He’s crying.

God stands up, looking down at Jesus, shaking His head, extremely sad. His arms are in front of Him, and His hands are tied at the wrists with a big thick rope. God reaches down to Jesus, and with His tied hands He lifts up His Son, and Jesus embraces Him. It seems they are trying to comfort each other.

They’re standing there in an embrace, and God says, “Son, You know I desire nothing more than to change this situation, but My hands are tied. Only the Family themselves can untie these cords. Only they can turn this tide that is upon them. The decision is theirs.”

Now both God and Jesus are standing side by side looking down at this giant 3-D TV screen. God still has His hands tied; Jesus has His arm around His Father’s shoulder, as if to comfort Him. They’re watching the Family on Earth. They both are still very, very sad; tears are rolling down their cheeks.

A huge black cloud is closing in, hovering over the screen. God’s hands are still tied, and He’s holding them out over the screen, the dark cloud hovering above, and He says:

“My hands are tied. According to the choices of My people will their future be deter­mined. Those who choose to live according to Our Law of Love will reap the blessings; they will grow and progress, and walk on to fulfill their destiny. Those who choose not to obey the truth they have been given, and those who choose to abuse the freedom they have been given, those who make a mockery of the Law of Love, the shadow of troubles and sorrow will cover them. They will not reap My blessings; they will not have the power, but will have to face the consequences. They are accountable, for they have heard the truth.

 “According to the choices of the people, it will be done. I am a righteous God and so I honor the majesty of choice that is given to mankind. My Son, pray for Your brides, that their faith not fail, for the future is in their hands.” (End of vision.)

“Whether you realize it or are willing to accept it, the truth of the Law of Love is a key factor in the Endtime. I will let this truth be known, and if necessary, I will raise up another ecclesia to live it, to be the earthly sample of that which is to come when I rule and reign. My plan will not be defeated. The choice is yours as to whether you will be the ones who are privileged with that honor, or if you will cast off the crown. I will not force you, but neither will I remove your chance of receiving the blessing by recanting on this truth of the Words of David.”

“But you, My children, do have a choice. It is you who determine the future and how your lives will be lived. You personally have control of your choices, actions, attitudes and relationships. What you decide, individually and collectively, will change the course of your future, for it will prove your worthiness of this precious treasure that has been placed in your care.”


“I cannot and I will not recant. This truth of the Law of Love must be given and it must be lived–if not by the children of David, then by someone else.”

“I have no choice but to allow this full freedom of My love to be made known to the world, for this must come to pass, and then will the End come.”

“No matter how serious your spiritual condition or problems, as you call on the keys of change, and desire and seek after that change with all of your being, you will have it!”

All excerpts are from “Are You A Disciple” #3365




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