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–learning and being willing to till the ground in the spirit through your prayers, before going in to sow the seeds. Or, for another example, using a bulldozer in the spirit instead of rushing in with only a little hand hoe, thinking that there’s not a moment to spare. In every aspect of the work at hand, you could accomplish so much more if you chose to use the spiritual weapons that I’ve given you. But that’s very hard to do, because working in the spirit doesn’t usually have any immediate effects in the physical. You can feel like it isn’t accomplishing much, or not as much as working in the physical. But that is such an illusion. And when you don’t work in the spirit, then your priorities aren’t as aligned as they should be, so you wind up missing the mark, having to redo‚ rework, refigure, or try something else‚ and things take a lot more time in the long run.

You have to depend on Me more, rely on My strength more, and commit more to prayer. But taking that route doesn’t mean that those things won’t get done; it doesn’t mean that in simply “trusting,” those things will be okay if left unattended to. It means that you actually believe that I’m going to do something about those things, or that with minimal effort on your part, I will maximize the results–instead of you putting a lot of effort and energy into those things and coming out with minimal results. It’s a switch in who is putting in the effort, and if you allow Me to put in more effort, then you’ll see better fruit from your projects. That’s the key. People often feel that “trusting Me” means resigning themselves to seeing things fall through the cracks, and that it’s just one of those hard choices to “let something go.” But when you work with Me as your partner on the job, you’re working with the most multitalented, multitasking partner in the universe. And I truly can do anything and everything!

So you need to look at Me in a much more positive light–not only as a spiritual guide and counselor, but as someone who can actually get in there, roll up His sleeves, and help you do the work. Sure, I don’t sit at a desk and send your e-mails, I don’t change the baby’s diaper or cook the rice for dinner, but I can save you hours and hours of work time by taking care of the behind-the-scenes side of things, by preparing people’s hearts, by supplying your needs and helping things fall into place, by setting up the miracles, or even by taking care of situations before you have to get involved.

If you’re utilizing the weapon of prayer as you should and depending on Me to do My part, you will have the faith to get tanked up, be full of the Word, well rested, high on the spirit, and overall‚ you’ll be in a much better position. Your work will be done with more skill, love, and wisdom, and everything will have an extra coating of “spirit” to it–and by that, I mean My Spirit. Don’t be shortsighted and look at each hour as a “work hour‚” because that’s seeing things through the eyes of the flesh. “A stitch in time saves nine,” and “time spent sharpening the scythe is never time wasted. (PFTCOD #14)


“You often wish you could do more to help a problem or situation than “just praying for it.” But, you know, a desperate‚ faith-filled, promise-claiming prayer is going to be the hardest work of the whole transaction. For Me the answer is very easy, very instant, even fun.”

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