Prophecy, Jesus speaking: Curtain time! Curtain time! The stage is set. One, two, three–action! This is it! The curtain goes up in the Endtime play–the greatest show on Earth! It won’t be long now, for I do set the actors in position. I give them their parts, I assign the roles, and I pass out the scripts for the final scene.
88. This one, Netanyahu, plays a leading role in My Endtime play. For have I not said that the evil one of the Last Days shall fight wars?–And not one, nor two, but five? Therefore, with whom shall he wage war but with yet another man of war. Is this one not hard-line for his cause? He stands strong, firm in conviction, and is not afraid of war. He opposes peace and is willing to fight for what he believes. And he who opposes peace shall fight in war.
89. This one accuses others of the same sin of which he himself is guilty, for he is as a pot calling the kettle black. For was not his Israel founded and built on terrorist activity? Were not these, who call themselves Israel, established by guerrilla warriors and murderers, criminals who massacred My innocent people? Does he not take on the same hard-line tactics? He vows a vow, and his desire is to stick to his guns–guns and weapons of war to defend his land. He does not seek peace and to share. And though there be those walking beside him who would seek to yield and to make peace, this one is not agreed. He seeks not peace, but war is in his heart.
90. Therefore watch and pray, My children, that you enter not into temptation. Watch and pray that you be not overtaken as by a thief in the night. Watch and pray and work My works, before the night is upon you when no man can work. I will lead you a step at a time. I will lead and I will guide and I will reveal unto you, My children, at the given time, as the choices are made, a step at a time. Watch and pray that you be not overtaken as by a thief in the night.
91. The curtain is going up for the final act! The rulers of the Earth and the kings of men are in My hand. It is I who will put up one and take down another, for all that I have spoken through My prophets will be fulfilled.
92. I do put this one in place at this time that My purposes be established. For he will rule with a hard hand. He will not be afraid to stand up to the Evil One. He will resist and stand his ground. There will not be one jot or one tittle that will not come to pass. For these are tools in My hand and I do use them to prepare the way for My return. Be prepared, the curtain is going up! (End of prophecy.)

93. The outstanding message that the Lord is trying to impress upon us in this prophecy is the same one He has been giving us all along: “Be prepared!” He repeatedly tells us to “watch and pray” so that we’re not overtaken or surprised by the awesome events of the End that are about to befall the world.
94. Apparently the Lord views the new prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, as a man of war, one who will withstand and fight against the “King of the North” of Daniel chapter 11–who, as you know, is none other than the Antichrist, or the “evil one,” as the Lord refers to him in this prophecy.
95. It’s also interesting to note that Netanyahu is not only a man of war, but he’s firmly in the camp of the Israeli religious right, the orthodox Jews who will insist that the King of the North hammer out some kind of “holy covenant” with them, guaranteeing them access to their holy sites in Jerusalem. (Daniel 9:27; 11:28.) So hold on to your hats, it may be later than you think, and the End may be closer than you think! God help us all to “work the works of Him that has sent us while it is still day!” Amen? (World Currents! No.82 [#3062])


And the crowds stand in the theater door,
They must choose of their own accord
Whether to sit or participate.
Tickets now on sale! It’s getting late!

So tune in and watch with anticipation,
Pay close attention to the conversation.
Follow the story line, pick up the clues.
The signs of the times are meant for you!

(Rhymes for Our Times)


Prophecy, Jesus speaking:


The keys of righteousness defend the poor, stand up for the truth, and fight for them that have no might. Quick, powerful, and exceeding just is the vengeance of the keys when they are released on behalf of any of My children who are hurting, suffering, and oppressed.

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