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A New Called-out Army

Jesus says:
Come out and be separate. I will mark you as My own.
You don’t belong to this or that group of people, but are on My team of representatives there on Earth. You wear the emblem and are there on commission. Fall not into the trap of ‘groupitess’ but cleave to Me, Your Maker and Provider, and I shall sustain you.
The Fall of Mankind has always been when he links up to others in order to pursue his own set of goals that are contrary to Mine—as in the fall of Babel. Link up to Me and get your orders from Me. I will direct your path.
You are not to call yourself by another’s name nor be associated with [only] a certain religious body of believers but a member of all who are true to the Faith.
How to survive both persecution and the Devil’s army fighting you? You are on God’s team! You gotta get training. And be quick about it, because this is only the beginning: the skirmishes before the whistle is blown and full, all-out war is waged between the forces of God and the forces of the evil, losing opponent.
We have been warned for 2000 years of this final tough battle for the souls of men. Jesus gave the “heads up”. But some people have forgotten that we are on enemy territory, like sitting ducks in the middle of a battlefield that troops are about to descend on.
Revelation 13:7 –And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them…Is Jesus’ army that He is depending on, weak and lily -livered?
Are they so busy rolling and reveling in the flower-strewn grass of the Grace of Jesus and the blessings of His Spirit that they can’t even hear the sounds of the battle cry from their commander, Jesus Christ?
Ultimately Jesus’ team wins. We know that.
But how badly you personally get wounded or your family suffers is up to you in many ways. You can put yourself through rigorous training so that you know how to carry out spiritual warfare and cause much damage to the evil opponent instead of just being a casualty.
The more casualties there are –due to laziness, distraction, greed, and just basically trying to make now be your Heaven–the less souls that will actually make it to Heaven. Jesus is depending on each one who He has given a free ticket and pass to Heaven to tell as many others as they can.
Show yourself worthy of the free gift by telling others, and sharing the Gospel with them.
Those who are taking their orders directly from God are rare and make Satan’s team tremble!

“You are not to call yourself by another’s name, associated only with a certain religious body of believers, but a member of all who are true to the faith..”

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  • Come out and be separate
  • ‘Groupitess’ is a trap
  • Jesus will direct your path
  • Keep the heavenly vision







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