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A Church of Living Stones…1 Peter 2:5

“God Himself, the Master Builder, built the foundation, but man covered it and buried it in his litter.” It is no longer a church of living stones.”


David Berg

“But the true foundation has been so cluttered up through the centuries by man that he has lost sight of the original foundation, the original plan. Even though he has the Bible and looks at it, he can’t see it. He can’t see it because he’s been mentally conditioned by all the preachers and teachers and false teachers and the wrong way they live, their dandy bad example‚ which is so contrary to the plan of true Christianity, that the plan is lost under a heap of man’s own rubble!” 

“With man—that is‚ with your limited strength and ability—there are impossibilities, but when you fully realize your need for Me and you let Me take full control and work as only I can, then all is possible.”

A religion of self-works

“My mind works opposite to the world’s mind. You look at the church people trying to be good. You look at the Muslims trying to be good. What you see is a work of the flesh. It’s self-works –man’s feeble attempt to please Me through vain, repetitious prayers and dutiful church going, flesh but no spirit, works but no faith. Is this love for Me? No, it is fear of the law and its consequences. Loving Me comes from the heart, not through force or fear. That is why the pastors and the imams are able to hold so much sway over their congregations. They use fear to force people into their building, which they call the very house of God. It is a lie, for I have said your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost and My spirit lives within you! You are the church, a living church, My bride. And if you take this concept further and realize that this love should permeate your whole life, then “Loving your neighbor as yourself”, will come more naturally to you.”  Jesus speaking

“We are a very selfish, spoilt generation. Our love for each other and for God has grown cold. How will we learn how to love one another? Mat. 24:12…Through great tribulation –Matthew 24:22 & Daniel 11:35, And some of them that understand shall fall to purge them and to make them white. To be the church, you have to be like a little Jesus. No greater love hath any man than this than a man lay down his life for his friend. 1 John 3:16.”

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“When you can’t remember the specific name of one or you need the help of an angel that you don’t know by name, the key of angels supplies whatever angelic help you need.”


“The church of living stones that Peter spoke of exists only in spirit. Calling a building “the church” was a monstrous lie foisted on an ignorant public by false religionists”.

Will Tribulation begin this year 2022?

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