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“One reason the Keys were created was to restore everything to its true and proper state. They begin by leading you, My children, through the Endtime, through the Great Tribulation‚ and through the tests to come, into My Heavenly Kingdom, and back to the perfection of the world as it will be in the days to come.”  (JESUS SHRUGS…PDF)


 “Matthew 16:19, This battle has to be won here first…whatsoever is released on earth will be released in heaven. My loves, this is a deep secret. It is man’s yieldedness that must be achieved. If man cannot yield to the will of God, then the earth experiment cannot continue. This may seem too much to put on the shoulders of weak and insignificant man. But you see, I have already broken the back of Satan, and I have promised all power to anyone who has the faith to exercise My power whilst on earth. So through the power of the keys, bind the power of Satan and release the power of Heaven by being those chosen ones to carry the torch of faith to that final day. Even if there is one man to step across that line, the line dividing this old world and the next, then My plan will have succeeded. There will not be only one man; there will be more. Please be among those precious few that prove that My will can be accomplished whilst on earth.(JESUS SHRUGS…mp3)


6th June, 2021…(Prophecy)

. (Jesus:) Ahh…Matthew 16:19… There is your key, darling. The enemy tries to snuff out your light. He is desperate to render you useless because –why?… Why would he be attacking you so viciously at every turn? Because he is desperate to stop you! He’s frantic to pull you off the wall of ‘yielding to My will’. He is pulling you down, pointing the finger and telling you that it’s just too hard, impossible. “How can anyone be expected to give up soo much?“ Your efforts are so puny and what difference do they make anyways?” “It’s ‘not normal’ Lord, what you are requiring of me! What’s really the point anyways?” But… what is loosed on Earth is your yieldedness. That is the ultimate, the goal, the prize, the vital ingredient. And it’s what the enemy fights tooth and nail, constantly bombarding you to resist, to pull back, to become stubborn and rebel against My way for you. But I have equipped you for this relentless battle of self and pride versus surrender and transparency with the all-powerful Keys of the Kingdom. These hold the power. Wield them and you will cut Satan down and cast him out of your realm, the realm that you and I inhabit. This is why you must have the Keys running through your veins, through your brain, embedded in your very being. This is the ultimate test of your Earth mission, and you know the secret weapon that I have provided for you to successfully accomplish your time there. You see, I don’t make it harder than you can bear. The Keys will lead and guide you into all truth. As you meld with them, they will speak to you. They will caress you as you caress them. They will respond in wonderful, amazing, miraculous ways. They will come into you and change your make-up, the way you were before, and make you how I need you to be. They will change your outlook on your not-so-desirable situation or whatever you are battling to yield to and turn it so that you will be joyed serving Me and count it a pleasure and honor to be called. One powerful little verse —just one. It holds an amazing power yet is discovered by so few.

This key that conquers all, the key of yieldedness, is the fountain of youth, the spirit that keeps alive, young in spirit, bubbling, on-fire, zealous for our Lord and Savior. It’s like the Holy Grail, and it’s been there all along. This truth was handed to the Children of David, but it’s available to all. The Devil can throw his fiery darts, but they will all be quenched. You who have found them must now reverence them and hone them and live and breathe them. This is imperative now, My soldier brides. Your hearts should be racing with anticipation at the awesome gift I have given you, the key to victory. Do you realize the immense, raw, unbridled energy you hold in your hands? You have tasted but a morsel, but as you meld with them more and more, their power will only increase. As I entrust them into your care, you will wield them as the highly honored gift that they are. With your use of them, you activate and power up the potential blue energy of God in them. They are just waiting for you, My loves. Take them in your tiny hands and turn them as a lover, adoring them and reverencing them as the magical, mystical weapons that they are. And see what they won’t do for you. They are real and you just need to believe in the unseeable, and that by faith, what I say is true. So hold your key of yieldedness and together fight on to fulfill your Earth mission, taking up your own personal cross, whatever that may be for you. Do it for Me. Do it so that the Final Key can be inserted to bring about the end of this era of Man and usher in My glorious Kingdom. You have been called to fulfill this. Do not doubt or belittle anymore your worth or what the little steps you are taking are accomplishing. You now know what the enemy is about, so stand tall and do your part as My humble, yielded Bride. I love you so. I adore you for all the laying down of ‘self’ that you’ve done so far. Just keep going and never ever give up. Look into My eyes. I love you to the moon and back and more than all the galaxies and universes. You are My love. Xxx


“It doesn’t matter whether the test is great or small. What’s important to Me is your yieldedness to accept each test as it comes along, and your willingness to trust and believe and have faith that I know what I’m doing in bringing that test along. Once you’ve manifested your yieldedness and determination to accept each test, then I know that you’re willing to continue to fight and progress and go on, no matter what the test is. (ML#3247:36)”


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