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MB: In yesterday’s podcast we shared the concept that Jesus, through the Words of David, has given the last major revelation to the this generation. The concept was based on the fact that “We are it. We are the “last church”. Overnight I wondered about the word, “revelation,” Now I’m not sure the last “revelation” is the right word for the concept I tried to share yesterday.  PODCAST MY AVANT-GARDE

Okay, perhaps if I read a few paragraphs from the letter “We Are It” #2222, Dad can better explain what he saw about us being the last church for this age.  READ EXCERPTS FROM “WE ARE IT”

Well, what I just read gives a type of introduction to what I believe Jesus is trying to tell us today. As I said earlier, no doubt revelations will continue to come as we follow Jesus in New Wine prophecy. But they will in some way be localized. Let me explain it this way. The revelations David and Maria received: for example the Loving Jesus Revelation and the full Law of Love Revelation, the Ask Me Everything revelation, etc. were the final Word or let me say, last major revelations given to the last church of God, the Philly brides, and in effect, the last Words to this last generation before the End and judgement. The Law of Love, it seems, is the door in that wall that will lead into the new millennium, and that Word has been given. We are about to pass through the door. The world has come to the end of the road, and so have we come to the end of our mission –well almost. We are yet to face the last three years. And due to us receiving all the Words of David, we have the privilege of standing where we are standing now. Although we are standing at yet another door, don’t be dismayed. We’ve made tremendous progress, and are in fact, facing one of the last doors before the return of the King. Now we face the cliff, and it is very steep. Let’s see what Jesus has us do.      

 (Jesus speaking:) Right now, today, if you will reach out and receive, I will turn your activation key, giving you unlimited access to the full power of Heaven. I now wish to give you complete access to the keys of the Kingdom, for this is what you will need to complete the mission you have before you. …
 When I spoke to My early disciples, saying, “I will give you the keys of the Kingdom,” I was also speaking to you, My children of David in the Time of the End–for I knew you would need it and I knew your faith would warrant it. …MB: Now you have to appreciate to whom Jesus is talking at this point in time. He’s no longer talking to those who have forsaken the Words of David. He is talking to you, His children of David in the Time of the End. In that sentence the T in time and the E in End are capitalized, which indicates that it is a special time, a certain time in the Endtime schedule. And as I said earlier, when reading these Words, your mind must keep with the movement of His Spirit, and Jesus has moved on. His Word is like a river; the print on the page is the same, the Words are the same, but we are now in a different dimension. The old has passed away; the river has passed them by and is now washing over you. Let it pick you up and carry you with it on its journey back home. Just like the River of life that returns back to the source so it can be rejuvenated, so must you allow it to pick you up. Be not like the old stone that refused to budge off of the river bed.

 I now present you with full access to the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven; according to your faith it is done. This is an amazing, awe-inspiring possession; learn to use it wisely. …
 Never before have My children had access to such power as I am making available to you now–not even Peter and the early disciples, or any of My faithful prophets and great men and women of faith down through the ages. It is given to you, My faithful of the Last Days, to possess new codes that were not necessary in the past because the need did not warrant them. But now it is warranted, for you will do greater works than I. …MB: If you think that this Word was for yesteryear, then you really should listen more carefully. These are the Words of David and like the Words in the Bible, they are alive and in continual momentum. They swing this way and then they swing that way, like a scythe, always gathering the wheat of each generation. I’m reading these Words to the third generation of David’s children, those that are in front of me today. And if there are others out there, then it is for them too, to make these and them accountable. The harvest at this time in space is very sparsely populated, but the gleaners are at work now. David’s Words are not his Words. They are God’s Word, and they are full of innuendos, nuances, and parallels, so if you are not listening, you may miss some important announcement or soft whispering touch of His spirit telling you some important detail.

 All power is given you‚ and all the power of Heaven is augmented in these Last Days! The power has been there all along‚ within you, but now, today, you can access it–according to your faith it is done. MB: This is all about passing the tests that Jesus sets before each one of us. The power has been there all along, just as it says in this paragraph. But it can only be accessed by faith, your faith. So far, your faith has brought you through the Reboot, and you are still holding on to the Words of David, in their entirety, and that is an important word, because like with the Bible, if you take one Word out, one concept out or one bone or hard saying out, then the Word loses power in your life. The power is still there, but you have unplugged from the power and are short circuiting. You are losing faith and are not ready to access what the Keys wants to give you now.

The evil forces are also amplified. They surround you; they are everywhere, working to keep people in bondage and darkness. But your power is amplified many times over. You have the power to release those in bondage. You have the power to overcome all evil. In your keys, you have liberty and freedom. Therefore start today and access this power I put in your hands; use it prayerfully and wisely, and walk in and claim victories. There are no obstacles to you; as long as you continue to do your part‚ I will never fail to do Mine. MB: The evil forces are moving along with the river, so they know exactly what part of the game is being played right now. They are trying to hold you down on the bottom of the river, as they move on. They know they have to keep up with the game or else they too will lose any hope of winning the day. This is what you are fighting against. To stay in the game, you have to move with the river, that means move with the spirit, which means staying in the spirit. Don’t get caught behind, the spirit of prophecy is the head of the river, the older wine, although part of the river is behind the head. If we are to stay at the head of the river, then we need to be listening intently to the spirit of the River of Life.
This is your day! Now I give you all power in Heaven and in Earth; according to your faith be it done unto you. It is accessible to you who follow closely. Access it as often as needed, put it to use‚ exercise it, spread it around, use it to draw men to Me, to carry out the plan I put before you. (End of excerpts of ML #3318:31-37, GN 922.)

MB: This is your day; that is plain as day. It is not their day; those that have cut off the Words of David have cut the life-line. This is your day, but it can only be a reality if you access the power, all the power.

(Jesus speaking:) You stepped forth in faith, nothing wavering. You wooed, aroused‚ and pleased Me in obedience‚ humility, and love. Your reward, My darling brides, is the complete activation of the keys to the Kingdom that I have placed in your hands. MB: This is your reward for holding onto the Words of David, for fighting through all the yesteryears, the revolutions and purgings. We are so close to the power, yet we can be so far from it –even standing here in 2023– because you have to allow the Word to renew you every day. We are Peters, all of us, stones, and stones sink to the bottom of the river, yet they can also tumble along the bottom of the river if the force is strong in that stone’s life. Wouldn’t it be better to be a diamond of dust.
 Now, My loves, you are accountable for their use. What will you do with this tremendous gift I have given you? Will you use the keys to unlock the doors and release the power? Will you draw on the power that is available to you? Will you claim My promises and put Me to the test? Are you willing, dedicated, and brave enough to move forward and go through the doors of the unexplained? Are you willing to face your greatest fears and walk through them, and watch as they dissolve into a fading vapor? Have no fear that you cannot do what I have asked of you, or that it is too hard, for nothing is impossible to you! So fear not, My little flock. It is My good pleasure to give you the Kingdom. MB: We are in the enviable position of unlocking the doors and releasing the power that is available today. Of course, there is more power available tomorrow, but we first have to walk through the door of today. If you access the power that has been made available today, then it will give you the power for tomorrow. If you don’t access it, then today is where you will stay. Jesus has never hidden the meat of the Word from His disciples, He gave it to them back in His day and let the chips fall where they would. And He is giving us the meat today, and it is having the same effect as it did on those disciples that heard it then. It is not that Jesus doesn’t love us and is trying to get rid of us. It is because there is a very, very steep cliff in front of us, and we have to be relieved of all superfluous worldly wants and ways. He wants us to make it. Those that cut the life-line of the Words of David are cutting themselves off the face of this cliff we’ve all been on since first hearing the Words of God. Be careful beloved; be careful that you don’t let go of the rope, the life-line, yourself, in an attempt to save another. You may think it is an honorable way to lay down your life for your friend, but you must also realize that if that “other” is pulling back on the rope, then in time they will pull you off the cliff too. There is one important aspect in mountain climbing, and that is staying attached to the cliff so that you can make it up the mountain. In a sense, it is every man for himself. Now don’t judge that statement too quickly because it goes in line with the concept that tells us that our walk with Jesus is a personal walk, no one can make the decisions to hold on to the cliff face for you, that one decision is left in your hands. Sooner than later, because now the days are very evil, you have to turn yourself and face the cliff alone. Jesus wants our loved ones to make the climb more than we do, but in the end their decision to hold on has to be Word based, so if you are not giving them the meat that will give them the strength to make this last climb, then you are doing them a disservice.

As you begin to access the storerooms of Heaven, authentication of the power of My Words will be manifested more in your heart and in your lives daily. These are the keys of enlightenment. Set aside anything that stirs doubt in your heart or mind concerning them, for only by faith will the full truth of the keys be validated.
Those of you who have been battling for your place of service and have had a difficult time focusing, I tell you, use these keys, and you will receive an infusion of the power of My Spirit that will show you what is truth and what is fabrication, so that you’ll be able to see things more clearly and make wise decisions. MB: Now this key has to be the one to this door we are standing at. All of us are being pulled by something that is holding us back from full enlightenment. The past, old friends, the world, carnal mindedness, whatever it is, it is holding you back. So the Key of enlightenment is the Key. Don’t get all carnal now and think, “Is that it?” It can’t be that simple. Well, in the physical realm, a Key is a pretty simple thing really. Such a small thing, a Key, can open a huge door, and if that door is to a house then inside are many more doors and rooms that will supply all your needs. What if it is a door to a treasure vault? The point is, Jesus has been faithfully leading us along the little doggy line since the Reboot hasn’t He? Well, it has been quite amazing how we all came together as this spiritual home and are now very much in contact with each other in the spirit of this whole new revolution. We are it as far as having received all the Words of David. We are it as far as believing we are in the last three and a half years. Jesus keeps us on the little doggy line by giving us confirmation after confirmation that He is right here with us. In the next paragraph Jesus calls it “nudging”. So this Word we are reading now must be part of that doggy line; don’t you think? Well I do, that is why I’m reading it to you on this podcast. It’s real for me and I hope it is real for you.
Know for certain that you are destined to overcome Satan and all his minions. For the keys know no failure–only the perfection and power of My promises. Follow the nudging of My Spirit as you step out into uncharted territory now, for the Spirit will guide you into all truths, even as you ride the waves and brave the wind.
Though the days just ahead are ones of unequaled darkness, know this: With these keys in your hand, you will see everything more clearly and much brighter than you ever have, even though there is darkness all around. You will shine as you walk, leading others to the light of My love. This is a precious gift I have bestowed upon you, My children of the End. (End of message from Jesus.) (ML #3351:1, 9, 11-12, 23-24, 26, 36, GN 946).

“The keys of the Kingdom can give you all the grace and strength that you need to put your “Isaacs” on the altar. Don’t be afraid to put what you love most into My hands, for I will care for everything you place there with meticulous attention and will compensate your every gift to Me.”



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