“You have to keep your eye on the Word; that’s what gives you the vision. As you cling to the rock face, all you can see is that cliff in front of your nose. But if you lift your mind and your spirit to Me, you can go up and see the whole mountain range. You see the beauty of it all. You see that there is a purpose to your climb. You get a touch of Me and My infinite love for you, My beloved.  Suddenly those thorns around your ankles that are catching your hands don’t matter as much. Even though the trials of life and of the climb cut into you and make you bleed sometimes, you can go up to Me. You can close your eyes for a minute and fly on wings above it all. Come fly with Me on the wings of an eagle. We will soar above the peaks and down into the valleys as I show you the perfection of My plan and the depth of My love for you. This is what will give you the strength to keep climbing –to wake up and confront that rock face day after day. This is what will help those vines and thorns that try to catch you and trip you up not to matter so much anymore. In the greater scheme, in that place up above called the Heavenly Vision, these things are small and inconsequential. They are meant to drive you up, to let your mind move away from the mud and the cuts and the pain. Your reaction to them is what matters. Do they make you loosen your grasp on the rock you are climbing? Does your weight start to drag on the climbers above you? Or do they make you reach up to your only hope? You realize the precariousness of your position. You know you can’t afford to slip and fall. But sometimes this just makes you feel rebellious and like you are trapped. So you have a choice… how much of the time do you spend dragging in the pits of the battle and how much of the time do you spend really fighting to make progress and being one of the ones that lifts others up.  It’s not like you have to go around lifting everyone up, but when you are fighting in spirit, it shows. When your general attitude is one of faith and praise, then that spirit will rub off on others. On the other hand, when you allow yourself to keep feeling that everything is hopeless and that Jesus isn’t fair, then that spirit is also felt and you will drag everyone else down too. It just makes it that much harder for them to climb up. The rope linking them to the rest of the climbers becomes so heavy. You older ones of the young people are in an important position. The younger ones look to you. They also look to the adults, but the adults are further ahead and you are the ones they see directly above them in the climb. So even if you don’t like it, you have a big effect on them. Your comments and your spirit are important. Are you a walking, talking confirmation that the Word works? Do you show that you believe the prophecies and that you hold to the Word even when it’s difficult?”


“In the “angel chapters” as I term Hebrews 12-13, there is a verse that I think has been used wrongly in some or many situations. In context it is talking about spiritual communication, not humans ruling. It was talking about angels, and praise, and communicating with the Lord, and prayer, receiving the Lord’s Words in prophecy and remembering “them that have the rule over you. To my knowledge, it is talking about the “gods”, the Heavenly servants of the Lord. It defines what it means by saying the “rulers” are the ones that pass on the Word to us. It wasn’t talking about a visiting apostle. They didn’t rule over each other. For example, it said in that chapter that Timothy was just released from prison. He would have told them the Word, but he wasn’t there. So who is ruling, there with them, but can’t be seen—as they need to make an effort to “REMEMBER” them? It would have to be the spiritual prophets, angelic beings that pass on messages, and who have charge over us.” Kaye


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